Our woven storage baskets are wondrously multi-functional. Whether you are looking for a unique way to exhibit plant life or a decorative addition to the dining table, these woven baskets and bags in a variety of shapes and sizes can be used for almost whatever your life calls for.

There is nothing that cannot be proudly displayed or neatly tucked away in these woven storage baskets and bags. You can deftly assemble all of life’s clutter here, or you can utilise these baskets to showcase any number of trinkets, food items or other necessities. Gone are the days of disarray and chaos as you embrace elegant organisation.

The materials used to craft these bags and baskets are all natural and hard-wearing – ranging from linen to seagrass and palm leaf. They have been hand-woven by talented artisans from across the globe, and their careful craft ensures that the baskets and bags will stand the test of time against heavy passengers and frequent use.

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