Our glassware sets balance between form and function at all times. Whether you are sipping ice-cold water, a full-bodied wine, seasonal cocktails or homemade lemonade, our glasses are of simple silhouette; sophisticated and thoughtfully designed to help release the flavours of your favourite tipple.

Sustainability is the focus of our luxury glassware collection, with a number of pieces handcrafted from recycled glass. Each individual item of recycled glassware has its own history and each will go on to create a new story. As such, our glassware sets are forged to last, and are, at once, both decidedly simple and timelessly elegant.

Every one of our carafes, jugs, and glassware sets has been meticulously designed, crafted by hand and deserved to take its rightful place in this delicate selection. We have sourced pieces to cater to all tastes, from delicate champagne to botanical gins. As well as glasses, you will also find tumblers, carafes and water jugs to add the finishing flourishes to your dining table.

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