Mirrors: friend to some, nemesis to others. Whichever camp you fall into, our collection of elegantly framed looking glasses, whether hanging or freestanding, are a beautiful addition to the home. Conjure light and space in gloomy corridors with a hallway mirror, or indulge in a little trickery by choosing an illusory window mirror.

As you browse our carefully curated collection of reflective glass, you will happen upon window mirrors, freestanding mirrors and hallway mirrors to name but a few – something to suit all interior tastes. Each distinguished design is complete with a beautifully crafted wooden or metal frame. Fusing classics with a modern sensibility, these mirrors are sure to delight residents and visitors alike.

The window mirrors bestow upon you the chance to impress with your interior creativity, while the hallway mirrors are understated and elegant. An accomplished interior space is all about finding ways to enhance your home with subtle touches and a carefully chosen mirror speaks directly to those wonderful gestures of simplicity.

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