Candles & Cosmetics

Just as our interior decorations should reflect a sense of inner peace and contentment, so should the way we care for ourselves. The familiar routine of daily ablutions can be enhanced by kind and natural ingredients, whether that’s in the form of handmade cosmetics or scented bathroom candles.

As you survey these handmade cosmetics, you will find all manner of delights by A.S Apothecary, a UK-based skincare company. They are a small-batch distillery whose raw ingredients hail from flowers, leaves and roots harvested in Sussex, Cyprus and Scotland. Via every handmade potion, their goal is to heal and nourish, while vowing to do no harm, either to skin or the environment.

You will also stumble upon a selection of enticing bathroom candles made by the Handmade Candle Co. The captivating aromas of these candles make them the requisite companion to leisurely and relaxing candlelit baths, and they give out a gentle, flickering light to help you unwind and decompress.

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