As you busy yourself with your daily ablutions, you require the means by which to carefully study your reflection. With options both industrial and traditional in style, our bathroom mirrors exist to make your morning routine that bit more seamless and soothing. Once these all-important customs are complete in front of the reflective glass, you are then ready to take on the day with a renewed vigour.

Much of our bathroom mirror collection comes complete with hanging circle and hook, for ideal placement just above a basin or vanity. Procurable in a selection of shapes and sizes, our traditional bathroom mirrors have been designed with simplicity and clarity in mind, fulfilling their primary purpose of displaying a brilliant reflection.

Finished in a variety of metallic shades, including bronze, nickel and brass frames, these bathroom mirrors have a subtle industrial edge, whilst still maintaining a classic sensibility. Whether you opt for circle, square or arch, a conscientious placement of these mirrors will aid the completion of your bathroom interior.

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