Laurel Beer Glasses, Set Of Two

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As the craft beer movement’s star ascends inexorably and shines ever brighter, connoisseurs of the grain abound, their appreciation as reverend and learned as that of devotees of the grape. It follows, then, that the vessel from which the amber-hued nectar is imbibed ought to transcend the pedestrian pint glass. Enter our Laurel Beer Glass, which comes in a set of two; made from hand-blown recycled glass, each piece is subtly yet perceptibly different from the last, the handmade idiosyncrasies lending a relaxed charm and the textured feeling ensuring that they are gratifyingly tactile to hold. A welcome Christmas gift, or indeed ‘just-because’ present, for serious beer drinkers and ale dabblers alike. 

Dimensions: Height 17cm, Diameter 7cm, Capacity Approximately 350ml per glass.