When it comes to our upholstered sofas, we believe in two things: keeping it classic and finishing it beautifully. Adhering to our signature palette of natural hues, we insist on provenance, using only wool, velvets and fabrics that are crafted using traditional methods and frames that are hand-made here in the UK.

For us, classic sofas are those where the materials chosen have been sourced with care. Each one has then been handcrafted by talented artisans in Britain to create an all-encompassing experience of home comfort.

Stretching out on a cushioned sofa after a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether you choose to read a book, enjoy a warming cup of tea or even indulge in a little shut-eye, the sofa is the place where we can truly relax and take that all-important time for ourselves. Visitors will admire your welcoming upholstery, and hosting has never been so easy with comfortable seating for all to relax in.

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