Stools & Benches

Many households receive bustling groups of visitors over the years, and they will all require a place to perch. That’s where our wooden stools and indoor bench seats emerge triumphant. They’re built to fit many more people around your table so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a full and sociable house.

The wondrous thing about seating such as our wooden bench seats and stools is that they can be readily transported from one end of the room to another, between different parts of the house entirely, or even to your outdoor space. Lightweight and versatile, they present the ideal solution when you have visitors in your abode.

These wooden benches and seats have all been handcrafted from natural materials, ensuring both quality and classic style. Some are available in a simple wood finish with clean lines, whilst others are upholstered in subtle linen. Reserve them not solely for seating guests, however, for they are an item of beauty in their own right to be enjoyed by many or just a few.

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