Just as in the home, no garden is complete without the finer details which inject it with personality and uniqueness. Whether these are storage opportunities, gardening aids or simply decorative additions, our garden accessories have been selected to animate your outdoor space. These garden accessories are all handcrafted from quality materials, from birch to galvanised iron.

Our trellises, obelisks and wreaths are striking on their own terms, but they also provide a multitude of creative gardening opportunities. Embellish them with climbing plants and create pockets of floral wonder throughout your garden. Made from galvanised iron, they are charming and rustic, intricately designed to support your blooms.

You will also find baskets, vases and even a birdhouse woven from natural materials: all the elements you need to build an outdoor sanctuary. However you choose to decorate, we hope you enjoy this selection of functional and ornamental outdoor accessories.

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