Potting & Planting

Of the many joys life can offer, tending to a beautifully organised garden is surely one of the most enjoyable, providing you with the opportunity to stay grounded and reconnect with the earth. Amongst our potting and planting necessities, you will find thoughtfully designed terracotta garden pots and metal garden planters. There is also a selection of quality garden tools, including forks, spades, rakes and trowels.

We believe in embracing variety, which is why our terracotta garden pots come in all shapes, sizes and styles to accommodate your planting needs. Arrange on decking, plant stands or even windowsills to display your very own plants, herbs and flowers with pride.

If you are looking for something more contemporary, our metal garden planters are sure to delight. Made from galvanised iron, they are easy to transport and arrange around the garden, and complete with drainage holes. These metal planters boast being both highly practical and imbued with an industrial vintage style.

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