Hinges & Accessories

It is often the seemingly inconspicuous objects that are the most useful. Indeed, these objects should never just be an afterthought but instead should blend seamlessly with their surroundings whilst still looking classic and elegant upon further scrutiny. Our kitchen cabinet and cupboard hinges fit that bill exactly, designed to be sturdy and long-lasting with a subtle metallic finish.

Our hinges have been crafted to stand the test of time against kitchen cabinet doors flung excitedly wide in anticipation of a delicious treat. No matter what the flurry of everyday life can throw at the various cupboards and storage spaces in your home, these steadfast and reliable hinges will help you to open doors with ease.

Amongst these accessories, you will also spy our floor-mounted doorstop. This is a hardy creation which exists to prevent dreaded scuff marks and slammed doors. All of our hinges and accessories can be selected in the metallic finish of your choice, whether that is blackened bronze or bright nickel.

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