Interior Door Handles

There is no use in a beautifully designed space that cannot be easily navigated, which is why interior door handles are the key players in your home. With one fluid motion, they allow you to migrate from one room to another so that you can perform the necessary tasks that life demands from you, or take time for yourself to relax and unwind. Our interior door handles are carefully finished in a variety of subtle metallic hues, which transmit both delicacy and reliability.

Simple, clean and elegantly finished, this selection of door handles has been designed and chosen to make your interior space workable, without ever compromising on style. Some may be drawn to the classic metal door knobs, while others will feel more akin to the lever handles which offer a modern twist on a traditional design.

The preferred subtlety of our design extends to the colour variation available, but this doesn’t mean you won’t find a shade to match your personal style. Our metallic finishes range from antique brass to matt nickel, from warm to cool, ensuring each taste is catered for.

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