Our brass door latches and cabinet latches have been forged for an imperative purpose – they are tasked with securing your belongings safely away. In spite of their practical function, we never compromise on style when it comes to our hardware. These latches are available in a range of understated metallic finishes, versatile enough to make their home on any style of door, cabinet or cupboard.

No matter where in the world we find ourselves, it’s always reassuring to have the security of an expertly crafted metal latch. Our brass door latches can be thought of as your personal safeguard, granting an additional layer of security for your internal doors.

There are also some things in life which require a little privacy, needing you to shut them away from prying eyes or careless hands. That’s where our cabinet latches really come into their own – offering a steadfast fastening which prevents doors from swinging open at their will.

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