Pull Handles

Many people hold the belief that, as a simple item, a handle will only be available in one or two varieties. They think that it’s a necessary functional piece to add to the home, but not worth considering with respect to the overall aesthetic. At Rowen and Wren, we are in a slightly different party and one that adheres to a well-known maxim: variety is the spice of life. As such, our kitchen cabinet and door pull handles have been designed with uniqueness in mind. Choose from curves, circles, rectangles and rings for your final flourishes.

As you consider each handle in this assortment, remember that it is not just in shape that they diverge from one another. Each pull handle can also be selected in the finish of your choice, and these range from blackened metal to antique brass.

For a more subtle and understated accompaniment to your kitchen cabinets, you might consider the delicate curved pull handles. Though they appear dainty, you can rest assured that they have been built to last a lifetime. Alternately, if you are inspired to make a bolder statement, the ring pull handles speak eloquently of antique charm.

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