Bulbs & Accessories

We often think of the bulb as the glowing heart of your home. Without it, the many wondrous corners and crevices of your interior space lie in darkness, unable to be enjoyed in their full glory. Our industrial light bulbs are a striking feature in themselves, with a range of shapes and sleek finishes to accompany our collection of lighting accessories.

The industrial light bulbs you will discover here are the perfect partners for many of our pendants, lamps and other lights. There are even bulbs for our spotlights, meaning you can add a pleasant overhead glow to the different rooms in your abode.

As well as our faithful selection of lightbulbs, there are also a number of other lighting accessories, including shades and festive fairy lights. Whatever you need to transform your home into a luminous, welcoming and cheerful environment, you should be able to acquire it as you peruse this page.

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