Wall Lights

Sometimes, a little extra illumination can transform a room from dim and unwelcoming to entirely enchanting. Our quietly industrial wall lights can be placed wherever they are needed, but they are particularly befitting to cosy and welcoming bedrooms. A warm beam of light encourages you to curl up and decompress under your blankets with a book and a warming cup of tea.

Charming in their vintage metallic finishes are these industrial wall light fixtures. Each has been handmade and carefully balances elegance with contemporary style to forge a lighting feature which is both practical and beguiling.

Easily adjusted to your ideal illumination, our bedroom wall lights are sure to instill an atmosphere of tranquility and restfulness. Their versatility allows them to be personalised to your home – position them along a living room wall, on either side of your bedroom headboard, or even to welcome guests in the hallway.

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