A Ceramicist to Know and Love

Does a product not become all the more beautiful when the story behind it is a happy one? A tale of integrity, honesty, heart and soul? For us, the answer here is a resounding yes, and it is why when curating our collections, we gather close only those pieces with such beauty radiating from within.The materials and the maker contribute just as greatly to your home’s tapestry.

It is, therefore, with the utmost pleasure that we share the wares of British ceramicist, Rebecca Williams. What was once a peaceful pastime has become an enriching vocation that sees her in her pottery workshop, hands deftly sculpting, fingers rhythmically guiding from-the-earth clay into her homely, hand-made ceramics.

To pass hands over one of her potter’s wheel pieces is to cherish a true labour of love.

View our short, studio film here.