Again, Anew

Now that winter’s unrelenting downpours have momentarily ceased – even if just for a handful of days – it gives rise to a perspective of brightness over bleakness. Observe closely as shoots and buds begin to sprout, as morning light starts to show its mellower side, and as the hour for lambs frolicking and wagging their tails in nearby fields draws ever closer. 

It is at this time – the first month of a new year and when the first sightings of spring are spotted – that we reflect on how the home is a habitat for new beginnings too. 

Might you prefer to reinvest in what you already call your own, casting belongings in a fresh light to encourage you to fall in love with them all over again? Cushions relocated from sitting room sofa to bedspread, pantry jars emptied of grains and pulses to be refilled with bath salts and cotton balls, and candlesticks placed into a new context, be it a window ledge or hearth rather than on the kitchen table, can feel as though a never-before-seen character has been newly welcomed to the nest. 

For it is when you take hold of items truly timeless in nature that you open up the opportunity of appreciating them time, and time, again. 

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