Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, the Christmas Collection…

September has been particularly busy at R&W hq as we get ourselves organised with extra hands for Christmas and prepare for an impending photo shoot. When things are particularly frantic we seem to naturally gravitate towards calming imagery in a cool and simplistic palette. So although we should be starting to look at warming autumn finds, instead we’re seeking a little serenity in our September finds. Soft, pastel shades are grounded with khaki accents and complimented by monochrome patterning. We’re particularly fond of the knee socks from Alyson Fox, an early addition to our Christmas list and we’ve also become big fans of the work of Izziyana Sushaimi (featured centre-right), we’d love to be the proud owners of one of her beautiful embroideries one day.

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Our Autumn / Winter collection has everything you need to welcome the new season. Choose from beautiful new additions to our furniture, lighting and accessory collections to bring character and warmth to your home this Autumn.

You can peruse our newest arrivals here.

Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, our new Autumn Winter Collection…

As with a lot of people, pretty much every day is a denim day for us. Whatever the season, whatever the weather, we seem to always be wearing at least one denim garment. Having previously studied textiles, denim was definitely one of the more interesting fabrics from a historical point of view. It was originally constructed in France (the name derives from the French serge de Nîmes), however it was in Italy that the first ever denim trousers were made, what we now refer to as Jeans. Denim was then introduced to America (California to be precise) in 1853 by Levi Strauss, during the California Gold Rush he imported it from France as a sturdy, solid trouser fabric for workwear. A little food for thought for next time you pull on your favourite denim garment, whether it’s for work or play.

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You can view all of these exclusive pieces and our full tableware collection here.

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We’re always astounded by the power of social media. As a small business it has played a major part in our growth over the past few years, hopefully if you’re reading this it’s proof that it really does work. One of our favourite forms of social media has to be instagram, it’s the most relaxed and the most personal of them all, a port where we get to reveal the behind the scenes of R&W as well as a little of what we get up to out of work too (which isn’t very often!). We’d love for you to head over to our Instagram and take a little look, please keep an eye on our #Rowen&Wrenovations as we will shortly be beginning an exciting new project.

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As June was particularly busy completing Christmas, July has snuck up on us pretty quickly. Christmas is now finalised and very nearly ready to send out to Press, so it’s been very refreshing to finally look at some more current inspiration that doesn’t involve mince pies or baubles. Inevitably this has led to a hefty list of things we’re currently coveting, and we’re especially loving the palette they’ve collectively created with black-blues, cool neutrals and a spectrum of pinky nudes. A firm favourite is the (Suite One Studio) Navy Watercolour Platter, this beautifully simple piece pairs a classic shape with a modern glaze treatment, resulting in a perfectly of-the-moment artful serving platter.

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Artisan; ‘A skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative’

When you hear the word ‘Artisan’ what images does it conjure up? For us, they look much like these, beautiful pieces that are exquisitely handmade. When we start a new collection we like to create a mood corner in the office, much like a mood board but with physical pieces, swatches and images to help us create the look and feel for the new season. This season’s collection has started with a couple of pieces that epitomise ‘Artisan’ for us, they’re superbly made with traditional values, as well as being timeless so they will simply get better with age.

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We’re delighted to introduce our new collection of hardware. Exclusive to Rowen & Wren, each handle or hook has been individually made from three beautifully weighty metals. Transform tired kitchen cupboards and drawers or update your favourite furniture with fresh detailing. You can view the full hardware collection here.

As with many of you, we’ve got a little obsessed with the virtues of Pinterest over the last few years. It’s not only a wonderful source of inspiration for homewares and interiors, but it also helps us keep an eye on what’s going on in other areas such as food and fashion. As we don’t have a great deal of time to shop around, we compile the outfits we’d ideally like to be wearing virtually on Pinterest, whilst in reality we don our favourite jeans and shirt combo day in and day out. Here’s a little snapshot of the latest look we’re coveting, with refined tribal influences and a muted palette highlighted with metallic pops, we’d be very happy with this selection of pieces for summer. You can follow all our fashion pins on our ‘Wear it Well board’ here. 

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Made purely from wood and rope, our Harmen chairs and footstools are simple and striking. Scandinavian design teamed with traditional craftsmanship has created a unique outdoor furniture range with timeless appeal. You can enjoy this seating range in two different positions, upright for reading and sipping wine in the sun, using the footstool as a table for your glass and bottle, or sit back and relax with your feet up on the footstool instead. Our Harmen chairs fold away, making them ideal to store in the winter months.

View our full outdoor collection here

We recently discovered a wonderful foody blog named Dolly & Oatmeal. It’s full of hugely appetizing recipes to make the most of an array of seasonal ingredients. One of our favourite discoveries from them is their asparagus, pea and broccoli rabe saute over a chickpea and chive mash, this dish tastes and looks like spring on a plate, to view the recipe in full click here

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Wishing you all a very, very Happy Easter. We hope it’s filled with family, friends, a lot of laughter and a shed load of chocolate!

Have you had a look through our new lookbook yet? The mornings are getting lighter and we finally left our winter coats at home this morning, so perfectly timed here is our new Spring Summer Lookbook to welcome the new season. Spring Summer Lookbook.