There is beauty in everything, just so long as you have the right lighting. Our collection of table lamps, pendants, wall lights and floor lamps strike just the right note between the elegant and the industrial, and bathe all who bask in their ambient glow in radiant light.

Reading in bed is so indispensable a pastime and so constant a joy that it transcends seasons or even time of day. Indeed, can there be any more extravagant escapism as tucking up with a well-thumbed book in the middle of the afternoon? To illuminate the heavenly pursuit of a literary world of escape, there’s nothing more perfect than our newest brass companion; the Edgar Spotlight.

So renowned are mad dogs and Englishmen for their shared folly of being unable to resist the hottest part of the day that there are even songs sung about their ludicrous conduct. There remain, however, a contingent of us who do exercise some sanity by retreating indoors at such times. Even so, only the defeatist would dispense with the atmosphere of summer. Instead, us less barmy English folk(along with the occasional sensible hound) transition indoors to make like our Mediterranean cousins and recline amidst scattered relaxed linen cushions in a kaleidoscope of soft summer colours, with the day’s papers tossed into a Palm Leaf Woven Basket, thus sinking happily into a scene of effortless coastal-style living. Since this is England, no matter the season, there will of course be inevitable rainy days puncturing short sharp heat waves. Happily, the tableau works just as well when retreating from summer rain as from the heat; after all, the British may not be entirely rational when it comes to our collective over excitement at the first sight of the sun, but we are, naturally, well-practiced at contingency plans for poor weather and enjoying the great indoors.

From all of us at Rowen & Wren, we’d like to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter.

Savour the long weekend with as much chocolate as you could possibly hope for!

Easter is a time of renewal, a beacon of hope after sometimes seemingly endless winter that happens to chime, too, with nature’s own renaissance. And since spring’s flowers have begun to peer sunnily out of the soil, it seems apposite to marry the two. When it comes to setting the table for a familial Easter lunch, a relaxed and informal aesthetic – here courtesy of our natural linen table cloths in pink plaster or a fine black stripe – sets off natural decorative flourishes from the garden. For a charming handmade embellishment to your tableau, dot around woven baskets containing eggs adorned delicately with pressed flowers of the season. Total eschewal of foil-covered chocolate eggs may, however, not be met with universal approval by some of the smaller members of the family; for the avoidance of outrage, our mini baskets serendipitously double up as the ideal repository for Easter egg hunts in the garden(duringwhich time, they can also gather a harvest of yet more spring flowers – win win). 

To peruse our Spring Summer Collection in full, visit our Lookbook here.

We’d like to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day! As always, we’d like to send a special note to all our wonderful R&W Mums, we couldn’t do it without you!

As we decamp to nature’s dining room, it is only fitting that the scene of lazy lunches with friends should be dressed with materials evocative of her bounty. Layering up our relaxed natural textured linen tablecloths in dusky pale pinks and fresh fine black stripes creates a beautifully breezy canvas for an idyllic al fresco lunch. Great generous hunks of crusty rustic bread lie like defeated dominoes on top of a rustic Bruna wooden board; lemons ripe for cutting sit prettily in palm leaf woven baskets; recycled tumblers sweat with condensation from the ice-coldness of the white wine they contain; and drip-glazed terracotta tumblers, reminiscent of sizzling Mediterranean holidays, keep water icy cool. 

As mother’s day advances ever close, who more apposite to defer to on this day of maternal celebration than Mother Nature herself? Since experience always steals a march on stuff, and creating treasurable memories wins over the dizzying cornucopia of designated ‘gifts’ vying for our attention in shops, we repair this year instead to the garden. Our table, dressed up with natural linen cloths and relaxed linen napkins, will be adorned with blousy florals, harvested from the garden and left to tumble out of our recycled bottle vases, while completing the picture of fresh florals for mum, are jugs full of refreshing lemon water. As the sun sets on our garden party, we shall illuminate the scene with the lantern light and toast the women who gave us everything.

It is one of the world’s most recognisable designs. The classic Chesterfield – with its deep buttons, its gracefully low-slung back and its sublime comfort – has enhanced gentlemen’s clubs, high society sitting rooms across the empire, and is even the psychoanalyst’s couch of choice, in homage to the original that Sigmund Freud’s patients once reclined upon. Our latest collection puts a relaxed yet refined spin on an icon; available in luxuriant velvet and homely wool finishes, the restrained colour palette – in shades of grey and pale pink – speaks of understated refinement, while the details, in the form of beautifully turned legs on wheels, dial up the elegance yet further. Choose from armchairs, sofas and footstools; but for best effect, mix and match colours and finishes for a fresh take on a masterpiece.

As we prepare to wave a warm goodbye to the bleak wet winter, we start to anticipate the freshness of spring. There’s nothing more blissful than the first sighting of blossoming yellow daffodils, so as we begin to look forward to the slow awaking of sweet springtime florals, we also begin to get a taste for our most favourite seasonal recipes. 

Of late, we have been greatly inspired by Kym Grimshaw’s plethora of content on instagram, as she shares her tantalising recipes taken from her wonderful ‘On The Plate’ blog. Our firm favourite has to be Kym’s spinach, cheddar and onion tart, featured centrally here and looking deliciously wholesome. Kym reflects the seasons perfectly throughout her instagram feed through the delicate hues of her beautiful back drops mixed with a host of scenic images from her latest adventures around the globe. 

Whether your an amateur chef or fancy prepping a spontaneous supper for a loved one, Kym has many tantalising recipes that will most definitely tickle your taste buds. Head over to ‘On The Plate’ today for more seasonally-inspired dishes and if they fail to nourish your springtime needs be sure to peruse @kymgrimshaw for more travel and lifestyle inspiration. 

We’d like to wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be filled with plenty of love and joy! 

If the surest way to the heart is indeed, as experience tells us, through the stomach, it stands to reason that couples who cook together must be wending their way on a picturesque path to romantic nirvana. With that inevitability in mind as Valentine’s Day hovers near, there can be fewer gifts more predicative of lasting romance than complementary his and hers soft linen aprons in pink plaster and black stripe(whoseis whose is down to your discretion). Whether you’re a couple whose metier is baking home made bread and cakes; candlelight suppers a deux; or entertaining friends over extended Sunday lunches, they are a metaphor in microcosm for a good relationship: complementary but still individual.

We often find ourselves through ways of expression; from the wise words of Henry Ward Beecher, “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”.

Of late we’ve thoroughly enjoyed meandering through @irenedkw’s beautifully textured paintings. The Copenhagen based artist, Irene de Klerk Wolters, creates her bespoke pieces with labour and love, in the belief that her paintings can change a rooms atmosphere without dominating the interior. We find her creations incredibly calming, which is expressed through her simplistic use of layering; layers that are only enhanced by her beautifully considered colour palette; consisting of warm pinks, teamed with cooling neutrals and a hint of glimmer from the metallic tones. The perfect palette for the upcoming spring season. We can’t help but favour Irene’s top left image, which captures her work in all it’s natural beauty – capturing warming tones that uplift us during the bleak, chillsome days that the winter brings. 

Whether you want to peruse Irene’s current paintings for colour inspiration, want to explore the picturesque city of Copenhagen, or you’re simply looking for a new year hobby – Irene’s curated content won’t disappoint.

Welcome the New Year with our newest arrival – the Haddon Recycled Glass Pendant. 
Lighting can make or break a dinner – get it right and you create a welcoming and warm atmosphere that flatters your guests, who relax under its sympathetic soft glow; get it wrong and you can set everyone on edge and impair the sense of welcoming warmth. The Haddon Glass Pendant is winningly versatile; just as its slender dimensions and clear glass finish can beautifully illuminate a hallway, in a cluster, there can be few lamps as simultaneously dramatic and becoming as these when placed over our Ellery Round Dining Table – the centre stage for familial gatherings; breaking bread together, and for chinking a celebratory glass at every triumph and piece of happy news. 
After an intimate repast, or a feast for plenty of friends, you can cosy up in our hand crafted Finley Velvet Armchair in Clover, which will cradle you in comfort as you sit down to your favourite read or ponder over the exciting year to come. 

We’d like to raise a glass and wish you all a very Happy New Year…

We would like to say a massive thank you for sharing a year of growth and goodness, here’s to an even bigger and better 2019!