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As we approach the annual New Year celebrations, we start to reflect on the moments we cherish most, with warm prosperous wishes to those we hold close by raising a glass, filled with our favourite tipple, or two. 

Whether you’re hosting a spectacular party, or having a cosy night in, we’ve got the perfect glassware for all occasions. Our glassware balances form and function at all times; whether you are sipping beer, wine, cocktails or homemade lemonade, our glasses are simple of silhouette, sophisticated and thoughtfully designed to help enhance the flavour of your drink of choice.

From all the Rowen & Wren Team, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas… Thank you all for your support in the run up to Christmas, we wish you all a truly wonderful one!

‘Tis the season to welcome winter in all its bounty, while the rays of the sun weaken, the temperature starts to descend and we begin to feel the cold bite of winter on our flushed cheeks. From bare frosty trees to glistening dewy grass – we can’t get enough of winter mornings in the countryside and all that nature has to offer in this season. 

Recently we discovered Melgården; a beautifully situated farmhouse manor, located deep in the Osterdalen Forest, Norway. The Lady of the Manor, Live Huse Mykleby perfectly documents her inspirational renovation project; restoring the house and garden to its former splendour. 

While we peruse through Melgaarden’s instagram, we can’t help but feel suitably festive as we see the manor transform into a rural winter wonderland draped in an abundance of holiday greenery. The historical grounds, first mentioned in 1465, houses a perfectly planted vegetable patch, which we’re sure serves inspiration for her traditional Norwegian recipes that feature throughout her carefully curated content – such recipes as that featured top left. 

Whether you want to explore Live’s current project for renovation inspiration, fancy a spontaneous trip to Norway, or you’re simply looking for a little festive spirit, please do peruse more of this beautiful imagery at…@melgaarden

If homemade gifting doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’ve got you covered this Christmas with some of our hand-picked favourite gifts. 

For more last minute gifting solutions, you can view our Perfect Presents Collection in full here.

Homemade presents are always a favourite at Christmas – and they’re made all the more better for being edible. What could be more irresistible than a perfectly presented parcel, piled high with festively spiced gingerbread?

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There can be few festive jobs as treasurable as sequestering oneself away to wrap lovingly gathered presents as carols provide the soundtrack and warm mince pies the sustenance.
To add still more enchantment to the festive task, spend a winter’s morning, basket in hand, crunching frost underfoot on a quest to collect pinecones, acorns and nature’s winter bounty from the great outdoors.
Once you return with your harvest, use just a little glitter to add a sparkling token of nature to the whole understated package, all tied up with string. Handmade and hewn from the Nepalese mulberry bush, our Folk Wrapping Paper supplies the perfect pared-back palette, its natural hues and organic patterns setting off the decorative flourish beautifully. And that, folks, is a wrap.

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A great gift is more than just an object. It is the product of careful consideration for another person and what will make them smile. Thankfully there is much amongst our present suggestions to bestow joy and, better yet, it’s all made with love by our consummate artisans. 

On the 25th December 1662, Samuel Pepys described his Christmas feast as a “mess of brave plum pudding” but lamented that he’d had to send “for a mince pie abroad, my wife not being well enough to make any herself yet”. Once the oven-warm current-filled parcels of comfort and joy are fresh from the oven, present them on our gun-metal Kestle Zinc Plate, where they somehow look even more seductive than usual. Christmas on a plate.

In the spirit of the minimal yet magical, we present our stripped-back, nature-inspired take on Christmas. Christmas marks a time of embrace and capitulation, it is a moment to fill the house with the scent of roasting chestnuts and to gather up those who matter most and hold close, above all, our precious kin.
But amid the apposite overindulgence – the profusion of presents and the tables groaning with seductive giant-sized feasts, we bring the enchantment gently to earth with our quiet celebration of the home-spun, the handmade and that which nature provides.

The Rowen & Wren Christmas Collection is available to peruse here.

Instead of the usual Black Friday Discounting, we’re donating… 

5% of the total spend at during the 23.11.18 will be donated to our chosen charity, Headway Surrey, an incredibly worthy charity. Brain injury can be sudden and devastating for an individual and those around them. Headway Surrey provide a comprehensive range of bespoke cognitive rehabilitation sessions, which enables the individual to develop and relearn their lost skills.

To find out more about the wonderful work Headway Surrey do, click here.

A big thank you to you all for supporting our Black Friday giving initiative. 

As Christmas cheer escalates with each passing day, the anticipation of the main events intensifies as we start to relish amongst our seasonal decor.

There can be little that brings as much comfort, joy or compensation for the dying light than the glow of a cluster of candles. Our collection of Bingley Brass Candlesticks, which come in a beautifully aged finish, riffs off the antiques that inspired them. The festooned halls wouldn’t be decked without the annual creation of a seasonal wreath. Our Scandinavian-inspired Benni Brass Wreath ring is an impeccable base – Don’t worry about being immaculate; there’s little more enchanting than a door adorned with cascading tendrils of twisting ivy.

For those that admire putting the finishing flourishes in place, the Betti Advent Candle Holder is not only an atmospheric way to mark the passing days; it also elicits a daily moment to pause, to celebrate and to appreciate the simple beauty of Advent, with the extinguishing of a simple white candle and the mindful appreciation of each day. 

As we approach the most eagerly anticipated month of the year, we’re preparing to welcome winter with our most comforting pieces: the seasons first happy airing of the full-length coat, the maiden outing of a pair of really thick, snug winter socks and of course the inevitable festive decor. 

Our Alpaca Socks are made in England from alpaca yarn, their natural thermal insulation keeps everything south of the calf exceptionally cosy, luxuriously comfy and crucially sheltered from the biting chills.

To stand beneath an oak tree, its sturdy trunk and great arthritic boughs bowed beneath the weight of spiral leaves, is to absorb tales from years gone by. The aged beauty seems to hold – and even impart – a wisdom, absorbed from bearing witness to hundreds of years of history, all rooted in one spot. Introducing our latest oak furniture collection, hewn from this most solid and dependable of materials into reassuringly weighty tables, shelves and mirrors. Buried within these pieces are the oak’s stories, now repurposed for generations to come; for these are pieces destined to become the treasured and enduring antiques of tomorrow.