On the 25th December 1662, Samuel Pepys described his Christmas feast as a “mess of brave plum pudding” but lamented that he’d had to send “for a mince pie abroad, my wife not being well enough to make any herself yet”. Once the oven-warm current-filled parcels of comfort and joy are fresh from the oven, present them on our gun-metal Kestle Zinc Plate, where they somehow look even more seductive than usual. Christmas on a plate.

In the spirit of the minimal yet magical, we present our stripped-back, nature-inspired take on Christmas. Christmas marks a time of embrace and capitulation, it is a moment to fill the house with the scent of roasting chestnuts and to gather up those who matter most and hold close, above all, our precious kin.
But amid the apposite overindulgence – the profusion of presents and the tables groaning with seductive giant-sized feasts, we bring the enchantment gently to earth with our quiet celebration of the home-spun, the handmade and that which nature provides.

The Rowen & Wren Christmas Collection is available to peruse here.

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To find out more about the wonderful work Headway Surrey do, click here.

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As Christmas cheer escalates with each passing day, the anticipation of the main events intensifies as we start to relish amongst our seasonal decor.

There can be little that brings as much comfort, joy or compensation for the dying light than the glow of a cluster of candles. Our collection of Bingley Brass Candlesticks, which come in a beautifully aged finish, riffs off the antiques that inspired them. The festooned halls wouldn’t be decked without the annual creation of a seasonal wreath. Our Scandinavian-inspired Benni Brass Wreath ring is an impeccable base – Don’t worry about being immaculate; there’s little more enchanting than a door adorned with cascading tendrils of twisting ivy.

For those that admire putting the finishing flourishes in place, the Betti Advent Candle Holder is not only an atmospheric way to mark the passing days; it also elicits a daily moment to pause, to celebrate and to appreciate the simple beauty of Advent, with the extinguishing of a simple white candle and the mindful appreciation of each day. 

As we approach the most eagerly anticipated month of the year, we’re preparing to welcome winter with our most comforting pieces: the seasons first happy airing of the full-length coat, the maiden outing of a pair of really thick, snug winter socks and of course the inevitable festive decor. 

Our Alpaca Socks are made in England from alpaca yarn, their natural thermal insulation keeps everything south of the calf exceptionally cosy, luxuriously comfy and crucially sheltered from the biting chills.

To stand beneath an oak tree, its sturdy trunk and great arthritic boughs bowed beneath the weight of spiral leaves, is to absorb tales from years gone by. The aged beauty seems to hold – and even impart – a wisdom, absorbed from bearing witness to hundreds of years of history, all rooted in one spot. Introducing our latest oak furniture collection, hewn from this most solid and dependable of materials into reassuringly weighty tables, shelves and mirrors. Buried within these pieces are the oak’s stories, now repurposed for generations to come; for these are pieces destined to become the treasured and enduring antiques of tomorrow. 

As we ease into the Autumn festivities, we start to ponder over our fondest cookbooks. Nothing beats a comforting home-cooked meal, especially as the summer sun starts to suppress behind the gloomy, chillsome clouds. Cumbersome recipes become a fundamental staple of this season and play an integral part when curating a fool proof dish for all of the family. 

Recently we discovered Tanya Balyanitsa’s inspiring blog, Honey Tanie – a food photographer and stylist, who shares her beautifully curated food portraits, along with a plethora of vegetable based recipes for every season. It’s clear that Tanya reminisces moments from her childhood; flicking through the pictures of her mums beloved black and white cookbooks, which is reflected in such recipes as that featured top left – Roasted parsnips and halloumi salad with sweet lemon dressing… a fresh, wholesome meal that won’t disappoint your dinner guests. Her cherished Canon brings the dish to life, saturating the vibrant characteristics of the vegetables as the light hits the precisely positioned dish. 

If your left wanting more, we assure Honey Tanie’s website and instagram (@honeytanie) will keep you feeling suitably Autumnal with a selection of charming seasonal dishes; packed full of lots of nourishing ingredients to kick-start the chilly season.

If summer’s riotous evenings, rich with the harmonious buzz of nature, are a time for merrymaking, then autumn’s soft and still riposte offers the treasurable afterglow. Bestriding summer and winter, the two meet in dusky al fresco fireside feasts; as the light still lingers longer, now is the moment to kindle the flames of a log fire; enfold yourself snugly in our dreamily soft Archive Blanket, fill our Libbi Enamel Mugs with the first mulled wine of the season; and gather up some sturdy sticks for roasting marshmallows. As the soporific mellow wine softens the scene yet further, gaze awhile at the stars above. 

Mirror Mirror, who’s the fairest of them all? Friend’s to some, nemesis to others – whichever camp you fall into, our collection of elegant framed glasses, whether hanging or lean-to window mirrors, are a beautiful addition to the home. 

Our mirrors are simple and subtle, adding the perfect finishing detail without competing with other furnishings. They’ll compliment almost any style of interior, adding additional light to any room or hallway. Delicately designed, each mirror has a beautiful metal frame, making it the perfect accent for on top of your dresser or mantle.

The summer naturally sparks a feeling of wanderlust; filling our foreign hearts while feeding exotic minds – the desire to travel and conquer the world couldn’t be more apparent. As the sun starts to suppress behind the anticipated chill of the Autumn, it’s time to cast your mind away from the glorious beachside and start to eagerly await the beauty of the city lights. 

Just recently we unearthed Raquel Cayuela’s beautifully curated instagram; a visual storyteller who left her Spanish hometown for Amsterdam five years ago. Now she continues to channel her love for the city – finding locations that acquire great interior design, as well as conquering the depths of Cadaqués, Barcelona and Paris. We can’t help but ponder over an inspired trip to the Netherlands ourselves after perusing through Raquel’s award-winning app: The Amsterdam City Guide – giving you access to a hand-picked selection of the city’s most charming, underground locations. Whether you favour a memorable brunch, a tempting day-time tipple, a guilt free coffee or a quaint boutique apartment for an overnight stay – she’s got it covered. Raquel takes you on an authentic Amsterdam tour to explore a combination of light, subtly coloured and impressive landscapes filled with the natural beauty of its 17th Century architecture, what more could you want? 

For more travel sophistication, be sure to check @raquelcayuela or download her highly recommended Amsterdam app now, via the App Store.

As Summer falls into Autumn – it’s time to behold nature’s palette as the leaves are at the peak of their splendour. From the rich golden hues collected in harvest and the molten blaze from the sun, we’re surrounded by deep yellows and browns, made more poignant as the leaves begin to tumble down and the bare branches start to quiver in the wind.

Here at Rowen & Wren we certainly don’t squander the beauty of Autumn. Instead we embrace the cozy autumn days, as we frolic in the leaves and tender to the seasonal blooms in the garden using our Sneeboer Garden Tools and our charming Dudley Hoop Support; to prepare the wilderness for the Winter. As the air begins to crisp under the dusk evening sky, you can wind down on our striking Harmen Chairs, as you start to reminisce on the last of the summer wine – take in the beauty of the season – with your tipple of choice in hand.

Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, the Autumn Winter 2018 Collection…

Retreating from the world with an outsized cup of tea and a thick tome rarely strays far from the top of our favoured Sunday afternoon pursuits. Both our Bromley and our Finley chairs have thus far proven admirably faithful constants, our ideal reading and snoozing spots for just such languorous days.

In the spirit of perpetual lolling, favourite old book in hand and feet tossed carelessly across an armrest, we present both our Bromley and Finley Chair in new linen upholstery, available in a natural hue and a sophisticated grey. The refined, understated palette is all elegance, perfectly combined with two classic chair shapes, for any season.

Be sure to peruse over our full Upholstery collection here.

Anna Barnett fuses fashion and food in a fresh palette of greens, whites and yellows to brighten up your daily dining experience. Having worked for House of Holland for many years, it’s evident that Anna has a natural flair for creativity and design which is apparent throughout her stylish cook book, “Eat The Week”, incorporating eclectic cuisine from as far a field as Asia as well as more locally inspired dishes from the Mediterranean. We admire how she adds a fresh twist to renowned classic dishes, such as her Ultimate Roasties topped with Zahter – a must try. Each dish looks scrumptious yet unpretentious; not too perfect to recreate at home, Anna uses her culinary imagination to create such dishes as Roasted Garlic and Nettle Risotto (our personal favourite, seen bottom left), it’s innovative in its presentation yet so simple for those day-to-day occasions.

Anna’s style certainly doesn’t stop with her delicious looking food, her beautifully curated instagram content continues to inspire us as she shares her recent adventures to Ibiza and La Granja, providing a sneak-peek into the lifestyle and wide variety of culinary experiences that these superb locations have to offer. 

Whether you want to explore Anna’s recent escapades for holiday inspiration, you’re simply looking for a stress-free supper, an extravagant weekend treat, or for effortless styling ideas, do check out Anna Barnett’s website here for everything lifestyle – it won’t disappoint.