To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Anticipation is everything; the sight of blooms, sown just as the nights have drawn in and the sun has bowed out gracefully, peeking eagerly out of the soil at Summer’s return, never fails to deliver unalloyed elation. We believe a liberal scattering of prettily planted hand-thrown terracotta pots – complete with charming idiosyncrasies – completes the rustic scene in the garden, along with our elegant plant structures in Weathered Zinc, Galvanised Iron, or Brass, all providing a sculptural platform for nature itself to take centre stage.

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There’s nothing more precious than a motherly bond with her young. Just recently we’ve discovered Thirteen Tree’s (@thirteentrees), who portrays a wonderful array of child friendly content by expressing her great lust to explore and craft with her daughter Rosie (Rosie is the adorable little person who features throughout Claire’s images). Some of our favourite visuals include their charmingly delicate bubble art and homemade woodland story counters; each perfectly naive and sentimental. We can’t help but admire Rosie’s interaction with the variety of mediums to assemble her subtly sweet masterpieces, shown in the bottom left (one of our fond favourites). Children are naturally full of curiosity and joy, which is certainly emphasised through Thirteen Tree’s ever-growing instagram feed; using the power of imagination to create an underlining note of happiness within her daughter. 

If you’d like to explore more of Thirteen Trees ever-growing content, you’ll be sure to be inspired by their wild-schooling adventures documented here.

As the sun dims into darkness, our enamelware, daubed with fresh Mediterranean-style vivid blue brushwork, and our weighty glassware are beautifully set off by dotted tea lights in shallow terracotta pots. For in the words of the great Francis Bacon, the garden is “the purest of human pleasures” – and that goes just as much for night time revelling as daytime toiling. 

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Re-wilding our world to it’s natural uncultivated state is a topic that shouldn’t be overlooked; this certainly isn’t the case for Sons of Urnaturaen. Recently we’ve thoroughly enjoyed perusing through her captivating, raw content; exploring green fashion and organically grown vegetables, while expressing her mission to put the earth first. The Austrian Alps provide the perfect location for the mother of three to tell her platonic story; through her mix of flora and interaction with the wilderness. Our best-loved images (positioned top centre and top right) capture a real sense of enjoyment in the garden and how they share their love of living off the land. As John Muir once said, “Keep close to nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean”. As we embrace summer-solstice, it’s paramount to relish these glorious mellow days to take on new spontaneous adventures in the finest country locations; to cleanse our mind and body from the pollution that filters through our favoured cities. 

You can find more wondrous content here on Sons of Urnaturaen’s website and if you would like to feel inspired by her enchanting activism, be sure to follow (@sonsofurnaturaen).

Whether he’s green fingered; immersed in the nature of the garden, or prefers to indulge in an evening beer – we want to wish every Dad, Daddy, Father and Pops a very happy Father’s Day.(With a special mention to our number one follower, Father, Grandfather, Bampa and Clematis grower extraordinaire! x)

Rowen & Wren’s garden collection is an ode to those halcyon days of optimism at its purest. Our elegant plant structures in weathered zinc provide a sculptural platform for nature itself to take centre stage. And as is our guiding principle, subtlety reigns supreme, an ethos embodied by the zinc collection, which has been designed never to gild the lily but to appear timeless, unobtrusive and as an abiding constant in a bucolic tableau. The finish is available across our new metal furniture range, which slips effortlessly into the garden, without fuss or the starkness of the new. As with the very trees and borders themselves, our measure of success is that it should simply seem as if it’s always been there. 

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This year we have an abundance of desirable gifts for Father’s Day, each one perfectly unique for even the hardest to buy for men in our lives.

Whether he prefers to immerse himself into the nature of the garden with our Sneeboer Tool Collection, or devotes his evenings to an indulgent bath accompanied by our Linen Waffle Dressing Gown – we’ve got a gifting solution for every father. 

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Our hand-crafted bathroom furniture; our plump, fresh towels and textiles; and our stripped back utilitarian bathroom fittings are designed in a rustic and restrained palette to create a beautifully calm and restorative world. Our range of finishes means our bathroom products are just as at home in both classic and contemporary interiors.You can Immerse yourself in our full Bathroom Collection here. 

There is beauty in everything, just so long as you have the right lighting. Our collection of table lamps, pendants, wall lights and floor lamps strike just the right note between the elegant and the industrial, and bathe all who bask in their ambient glow in radiant light.You can peruse our full lighting collection here.

The snow has passed, the evenings are lighter and there is finally a hint of spring in the air. This brings with it an invited change in focus to our instagram feed, gone are the wintery white landscapes and in their place we’re enjoying an abundance of green shoots and blooming bulbs. One of our favourite instagramers for capturing such seasonal changes is Scarlett Phoebe Lewis (@_scarlett.l). Scarlett does many things from styling to visual merchandising with a good dose of gathering and collecting in between. Her posts document home and garden life in the Costwolds, as well as her travels around the UK and occasionally overseas. Some of our favourite visuals were taken in Ile de Re where Scarlett took a wonderful series of photos of French properties with beautifully painted shutters and doors in sun bleached coastal shades, the odd one features a pop of red or pink in the form of a stray hollyhock sprouting up. Scarlett’s photos of this area of France have left us craving a visit ever since, so if you also require a little dose of French style we recommend you head over and peruse her feed here.

The thread that runs right through the core of everything we do can be summed up in a word: craftsmanship. Nowhere is that ethos more self-evident than in our Artisan Collection, which celebrates the handmade over the manufactured and champions a return to simpler methods of making.You can peruse our English Artisans collection in full here.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from all of us at Rowen & Wren. 

Enjoy a long weekend filled with family, friends and as much chocolate as you could possibly hope for! 

One of the few plants that smells as pretty as it looks, Lily of the Valley is one of our favourite additions to the garden in late spring. Its scent has inspired perfumers for centuries and its delicate, white bell-like flowers make deliciously fragrant posies. In France it is known as Muguet and it plays a much bigger role than just a spring time floral, it plays a major part in their May Day Holiday celebrations, officially known as La Fête du travail. Friends and family offer each other sprigs, bouquets or potted plants of Muguet for good luck, the more bell-like flowers the plant has the better the luck, a lovely tradition that sees everyone taking a day off to celebrate with their loved ones. 

If you would like to introduce Lily of the valley into your own garden it is easiest to introduce ready potted in Spring. It enjoys moist soil in either full or semi-shade so they will thrive under the canopy of trees or large shrubs with dappled sunlight. The perfect plant to pick and enjoy by your bedside, what nicer scent to wake up to…  

All hail the humble egg. We are year-round fans of this perfect oval staple, done any which way, but never more so than at this, their annual moment to shine: Easter. For once, we recommend forgoing unadorned simplicity, instead reaching for the paintbrushes to hand-embellish nature’s creation. This year we are opting for loose fresh florals in a palette of subtle watercolour tones; dotted around the Easter table or hung up as decorations, they are as pretty as a meadow of wild spring flowers.

You can view our painterly persuasions video here and peruse our seasonal Easter Collection here. 

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Anticipation is everything; the sight of blooms, sown just as the nights have drawn in and the sun has bowed out gracefully, peeking eagerly out of the soil at spring’s return never fails to deliver unalloyed elation.You can view our full Garden & Outdoor Collection here.