We have been admirers of Fritillaries for some time, however this is the first year we’ve attempted to grow them. As we eagerly await their little green tips to finally pop up, we thought we would share a little advice we followed on how best to grow them. It was the wise words of Monty Don that swayed us to give them a go as they’re his favourite recommendation for thriving bulbs if we’ve had a soggy spring (which seems to be a bit of a given in this country). Most spring bulbs do best in very-well drained soil but can be problematic in damper conditions and clay heavy gardens. Initially, bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and crocuses do fine, but sitting in wet soil does nothing for their longevity and over the years you may find yourself replacing them. However, Fritillary bulbs positively relishes damp conditions in both winter and early spring making them a wonderful alternative for any English Garden.

They are extraordinarily beautiful flowers with pointed bonnets and a distinctive chequered pattern. As they are native wildflowers they appear a little less cultivated than many bulb based florals, making them the perfect addition to our slightly wild (some may say too wild) country garden. If you would like more information on how to successfully grow this beautiful plant, we found this Telegraph article a great read.

Welcome the New year with our newest arrivals. With Spring just around the corner, refresh your home with our newest additions for the changing seasons.

We can assure you there is no better way to begin the new year than with a healthy dose of floral fancy. Of late we have thoroughly enjoyed meandering through the Instagram profile of the Sweden based Velobloom. Paulina and her husband Johan started the company to synthesize her passions for the garden, the cultivation of flowers and design. Rather refreshingly it is common to see Paulina utilising seasonal flowers such as Dahlia’s, Cosmos and Verbena, all types that could be stumbled upon in an English country garden. We adore her home grown, sustainable approach to floristry and how the relaxed, tousled essence of her bouquets extends to her photography and styling. All too regularly we find ourselves craving a wardrobe update and have been longing for some of the delightful garments that appear throughout her feed. Be sure to follow Paulina’s Instagram feed (paulina.velobloom) to stay up to date with her latest beautiful bouquets.Posted by Alex. 

We wish you all a very Happy New Year…We would like to say a big thank you for sharing a year of growth and goodness, here’s to an even bigger & better 2018, cheers!

We wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas…Thank you all for all your support and custom in the run up to Christmas, we wish you all a truly wonderful one!

A little earlier in the year we were asked to work with one of our favourite instagram duos, Babes in Boyland, so naturally we jumped at the chance. Set in a beautiful Chapel in Sweden, their winter workshop covered everything you need for the festive period, from decorating the tree to making homemade wreaths, plus a spot of obligatory Christmas baking. We were delighted to see so many R&W products being utilised throughout the workshop, our Willem bells and Luna stars were used to decorate the Chapel and tree, our Kestle plates and Copper punch mugs were used to set the table and serve festive offerings and some of our favourite holders lit the Chapel in candlelight. We will be taking much inspiration from this wonderful workshop for our own Christmas, simple yet beautiful! 

You can view the full blog posts from Babes in Boyland here. 

Christmas is a time of bounty. And to rejoice in that abundance – the plentiful presents; the festive feasting; the merry-go-round of good cheer – is never more glorious than at this most wonderful time of the year. But at Rowen & Wren, the season’s rich pickings are about another kind of wealth too: that of welcoming friends and family into a magical yet minimal world of home-spun simplicity.

One of our favourite ways to feel festive at this time of year is a spot of Christmas baking. Our simple Madeleine recipe is ideal for rustling up a homemade gift, a sweet treat for Christmas visitors or for a little self indulgence on a cold December weekend. 

Ingredients: 1 Large Egg, 60 grams of melted butter, 50 grams of plain flour, 50 grams of caster sugar, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, ½ teaspoon of baking powder, Plenty of icing sugar for dusting.

Method: Preheat the oven to 190C (gas mark 5). Melt the butter gently and use a little to grease the Madeleine pan. In a mixing bowl whisk together the egg and caster sugar until thick and mousse-like. Sift in the flour and baking powder then gently fold in the remaining melted butter. Pour the mixture into the moulds filling each one three quarters of the way up, bake for 7-8 minutes until they are golden. Turn out onto a cooling rack, when cool dust liberally with icing sugar. Makes approximately 12 scrumptious Madeleines.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches?

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment warbled out in the traditional German folk tune-turned-Christmas carol. That’s why this Yuletide, Rowen & Wren will be adorning our lovely boughs with only the most delicate and discreet of decorations. 

Our recycled glass baubles, in all their translucent fragility and shimmering magic, are an exquisite and subtle adornment for Mother Nature’s handiwork. Dotted on branches against white lights – the only other decoration that will make the cut on our trees this Christmas – they twinkle enchantingly, imbuing the whole Christmas scene with a dreamlike quality. Better yet, at a time of year when so much gets cast aside and thrown away, these baubles give a new lease of life to previously used glass, making them not only beautiful, but beautifully virtuous.

Recycled baubles: the ethical way to make your treetop glisten this Christmas.

Wreath-making with Rowen & Wren

Homespun, honest and handmade: these are our three commandments when it comes to Christmas at Rowen & Wren. We would then, consider it remiss to the point of Scrooge-like neglect to eschew our annual labour of love: the making of the requisite Christmas wreath.

First, we must lead you up the garden path, albeit briefly, for the hunter-gatherer element of our task. This is the part when we will be on the look out for those healthy yet unadorned loose boughs of evergreens that supply a fresh take on the often over-stuffed wreath (you could try intertwining some light feathers too).

Our Benni Brass Wreath ring comes as a set of two and is the perfect base for creating a romantic, fresh-from-Mother Nature festive garland; just weave your greenery and feathers in, and attach and secure them with gardener’s wire. Don’t worry about being immaculate; there’s little more enchanting than a door adorned with cascading tendrils of twisting ivy.

The dilemma? Whether to hang your masterwork on the front door or to bring the outside in and display it over the fireplace.

View our Christmas wreath video here.  

For whoever is left on your list, our Perfect Presents collection may have just the solution. You can view the full collection here.

Instead of the usual Black Friday Discounting, we’re Donating…

5% of the total spend at rowenandwren.co.uk today (24.11.17) will be donated to our chosen charity, Age UK. An incredibly worthy charity all year round and particularly at Christmas time, Age UK provides advice, enables independence and combats loneliness for the elderly. A big thank you to you all for supporting our Black Friday giving initiative. 

From stocking fillers to statement gifts for that special person, as the season of giving approaches our festive edit caters for everyone on your Christmas list. You can view our Perfect Presents collection here.

As the days get shorter and the evenings get colder, at Rowen & Wren we believe it’s prime time to summon our sense of hygge and gather a selection of recipes to bake sweet, comforting treats on frosty evenings. Fortunately we have been following Australia based Thalia Ho for some time after stumbling across her marvellous Instagram profile. As we browse the plethora of recipes published on her blog, Butter And Brioche, we often find ourselves trembling with excitement as to which delight we should indulge ourselves with next! One of our firm favourites are her classic chocolate chip cookies. The dark chocolate chips prove an elegant contrast in taste to the flaked salt used to sprinkle over the top. You can view the full recipe here. Be sure to follow Thalia’s Instagram (@thaliaho) and regularly visit her blog to stay up to date with some suitably seasonal bakes.Posted by Alex.

There was a time when ale drinking was reserved for dingy pubs or for die-hard wine refusers at dinner parties. But beer – now with the requisite prefix “craft” – has come a long way since the days its devotees would be forced to arrive clutching unappetising four-pack tins of the stuff. Such is the sheer array of cask- and keg-brewed beauties in their varying hues of gold, all packaged up in glass bottles complete with modish labels, that the grain is giving the grape a run for its money even on the highest class of tasting menus.

In recognition of the explosion in the craft beer tradition, we’ve created our first recycled glass beer tumblers, which present the perfect Christmas gift for those crafty gourmands and beer aficionados amongst your kin. Its elegant nipped-in waist makes it both ergonomic and elegant – and quite the addition to a festive table. So much so, in fact, that disciples of the grain might even consider swapping wine-pairing for beer-matching with their Christmas lunch this year.

You can peruse our full tableware collection here.