At Rowen & Wren we relish having lots of image sources that allow us to observe trends to feed into our design process. Magazines, blogs and most of all Pinterest, all regularly cause our designers severe cases of interior envy. Pinterest is one of our favourites to both collect inspiration and to give us direction for our upcoming collections, it has also been an essential means to share our photography and products with our treasured customers and beyond! We’re currently coveting our Artisan board which inspired our latest collection, you can peruse this and our full collection of pin boards here.

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Handcrafted from pure linen and beautifully carved oak, our Latham furniture collection will add a refined French style to any bedroom.

You can view the new collection in full here.

We’re quite sure many of you will remember Flora Shedden (@sheddenflora) from a favourite programme of ours, The Great British Bake Off. At twenty years old, she was the youngest ever semi-finalist the show has ever seen and a personal favourite of ours. Many of the recipes on her blog (particularly her recipe for pancakes with whipped maple butter!) have left us weak at the knees and gazing at Flora’s food photography in sheer adoration. We love how her personality, passion for baking and skill for writing are all perfectly combined on her blog making it the perfect read for a Sunday afternoon. This wonderfull combination of talents has been translated to her new debut book, titled ‘Gatherings’, an easy way of cooking and hosting without the pressure, just simple, tasty recipes. Head over to Flora’s instagram feed to follow the progress of her new bakery in Dunkeld, Scotland opening this Spring.

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We’re delighted to launch our long awaited Artisan collection with you all.

A variety of skilled craftsmen and women have created a handmade collection of tactile linens, nature inspired stoneware and traditional sisal rugs.

You can view the full Artisan Collection in here.

Although February brings with it a lot of anticipation for Spring, the pieces we’re currently coveting show that we’re still very much in Winter mode. With the mornings still dark and the nights still chilly, we’re still layering soft knits under our Winter coat and gravitating towards minimalist and monochrome pieces. The palette is very much like our February skies, heavy whites, hints of blue and still a large dose of grey, the perfect palette for both fashion and interiors when warmed with wood tones and caramel neutrals. One of our favourite makers currently are Knotworkla ceramics (featured top centre). These beautiful porcelain tumblers are glazed with white, peachy pink, pale grey and dark speckles on a toasty stoneware body, a must have for our cottage kitchen.  

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Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, The Artisan Collection…


Wishing you all a very, very Happy Valentines Day. We hope it’s filled with family, friends and a whole lot of love!

As our garden is currently on quite a steep slope, it requires tiering before we begin any major planting. Each tier will have a different use, from a vegetable and herb patch through to a seating and barbecue area and each tier will feature a slightly different planting scheme depending on its shading. To add structure to each tier our planting plan includes a variety of ornamental grasses, not only do these add height and form in the winter months but they’re also a calming accompaniment to more colourful flowering plants. We particularly love the texture that grasses add to a garden, whether it’s the use of shorter species for edging and lower beds or taller grasses to create dynamic screens and divides, they require very little maintenance and are generally hardy so they’re perfect for gardening novices like us. You can learn a little more about the vast array of grasses recommended by the RHS here.

Today’s newsletter introduces us to a touch of (well needed!) Spring. One of our favourite ways to introduce botanical freshness into your home this Spring is with our Bevin Glass Domes, their contemporary finishes and clean lines are perfect for showing off your favourite collectables or your treasured houseplants. You can find these alongside our latest arrivals here.

Some time ago we discovered the work of Tara Mangini and Percy Bright, intriguingly named The Jersey Ice Cream Co. Founded in 2010 and contrary to what the name suggests, they do not make ice cream (but will happily have some if you’re offering), instead they design and create beautiful interior design projects across the globe. As with a lot of interiors designers and renovators their projects began at home, moving house to house leaving beautiful homes in their wake. They believe in craftsmanship, timelessness, and leaving things better than they found them. Tara and Percy opt to relocate for a few months for each project they undertake, living either nearby or in the space while they work, an approach that began out of necessity, but now it is a trademark of their process. Building a close relationship with each home guides their decisions and helps them create intuitive, thoughtful and beautiful design. We have featured some of our favourite projects above, however you can peruse more wonderful work by Tara and Percy here.

It’s time to light up the New Year with our latest newsletter, give your living room, dining room or kitchen a touch of rustic ambience with our latest lighting additions.          You can peruse the full collection here

A new year brings a new desire to deter the Christmas calories and get active again, so we’ve been inspired by Ruth Allen’s outdoor exploring (as a nice alternative to the gym) as shared on her wonderful Instagram feed. Her illustrative work is soulful and often inspired by the beautiful landscapes she discovers around her home in the Peak District. We particularly like the example featured centre top which was inspired by the landscapes a little further afield in Nepal’s Himalayas, Annapurna Mountain. An array of animals regularly make an appearance on Ruth’s feed, whether they’re wild in the countryside or featured at home when ruth returns from the outdoors to illustrate her travels. Posted by Alex. 

To view more of Ruth’s work and photography you can peruse her Instagram feed here: @whitepeak_ruth.

Our New Year’s message to you all.We would like to say a big thank you for sharing a year of growth and goodness, here’s to an even bigger & better 2017, cheers!

As we begin to plan the re-design of our cottage garden, we’ve been taking much inspiration from some of our favourite garden designers. A designer that we have long admired is Arne Maynard, Arne is a passionate and experimental gardener who lives in Monmouthshire and is currently in the process of designing and landscaping the garden around his beautiful medieval tower house named Allt-y-bela. We have loved following the garden diary at Allt-y-bela this year, some of which is documented above. Whether it’s frosted topiary in December, a carpet of colour in March or everlasting pots in October, you can view more of Arne’s beautiful portfolio and the full Garden Diary here. 

Our Christmas message to you all. Thank you all for all your support and custom in the run up to Christmas, we wish you all a truly wonderful one!