Based in Sweden, stylist Nathalie Myrberg and photographer Matilda Hildingsson are the creative pair behind the delightful Instagram account ‘Babes In Boyland’. Since attracting a sizeable following they have began blogging at one of Sweden’s top lifestyle sites ‘Lovely Life’ and have been featured on some of our favourite sites including Gardenista. The imagery is invariably tailored to suit the season whilst maintaining a slow living, nature focused, serene quality. As we ease into autumn we’re adoring the dark forest greens, deep reds and dark naturals regularly appearing on their profile. We assure you following their account will keep you feeling suitably seasonal all year round. To peruse their profile click here or if you’re lucky enough to be local, the pair regularly host idyllic workshop retreats to impart their photography knowledge onto others.Posted by Alex.

Prepare to be the perfect host this Autumn. 

Whether it’s glistening glassware or heavyweight brass, we have designed and sourced a selection of seasonal serveware for every occasion. You can view our full ‘Autumn Entertaining’ collection here. 

Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, our Autumn 2017 Collection…

For quite some time we’ve been coveting the work of London based fine artist and graphic designer, Caroline Popham. Her current artwork explores themes of repetition, imperfection, process and colour, which tends to be in a minimal (but very beautiful) palette of neutrals, inky blues, warm pinks and terracottas. Such colours are introduced with a great deal of texture through Carolines use of mixed media, creating a remarkable depth throughout her work and thus making it irresistibly tactile. Caroline proudly holds a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts and has established herself as a highly sought after graphic designer, working with clients including Louis Vuitton, Dior and Christian Louboutin. Follow her Instagram to stay up to date with her latest projects (@carolinepopham), after perusing her posts we’re entirely sure, much like us you will leave hoping to one day own a piece for yourself.Posted by Alex.

Rodrigo and Luca began their lives in Argentina, where they were hand-crocheted before travelling thousands of miles across the globe specially to befriend the tiny folk in our lives. 

You will find these adorable creatures nesting within our Little Rowen & Little Wren Collection. 

Have you had a chance to peruse our latest lookbook yet? If not, then surely a rainy Sunday is the perfect opportunity to put your feet up with a pot of tea and leaf through the pages of our Hardware Collection Catalogue.

The wholesome lifestyle of Berlin based photographers and food stylists Susann and Yannic has captured our imagination. Together they have created Krautkopf, an inspiring blog that they use to share their stunning photography and scrummy vegetarian recipes. Despite living life in a bustling city, the couple regularly escape to the outdoors whether it’s the mountains, woods or vegetable patch to gather inspiration. They firmly believe in food being a pure, powerful experience to bring people together, much like the recipe featured top left, peas with fried chanterelles is a great late summer dish to enjoy with friends. We’re quite sure perusing their recipes through their website, app or book will leave you spoilt for choice. Head over to their Instagram (@kraut_kopf) and give them a follow to lust over more of their lovely photography.

Posted by Alex.

Step into our enchanted garden, amongst the wild flowers, the planters and the veg patch, to sit on our outdoor furniture, illuminated by lantern light; to plant a garden and to believe in tomorrow. Grab a blanket and a spot on our outdoor bench, shake up a cocktail and bask in nature’s patterns and perfection.

You can peruse our favourite pieces for the Great Outdoors here. 

Hardware is too often the after-thought, the concealed and unsung machinery that plays second fiddle to the showier elements of a room. But it can also be the important final touch. Done the right way, it should underpin everything and offer the thread to draw a whole room together.

With this dawning realisation, we have extended our hardware collection both indoors and out. You can view the collection in full here and peruse our latest lookbook here. 

As with many, touring America is one of the many trips on our long list of wants for the future. If we’re ever fortunate enough to get round to making the trip, this destination is a must visit. The Anvil Hotel is the latest lodging addition to the quintessential mountain town of Jackson, Wyoming, a transformed two-story 1950s motel, it is now a modern, 49-room western lodge which has been exquisitely renovated. Each room has been furnished in what the hotel describes as “alpine modern” style, two-toned walls, parquet floors and brass details provide a welcomed regional approach to design that is fitting of the rugged terrain that surrounds the hotel. You can discover more (or even better book a trip!) about this wonderful hotel here.

Photography by Read McKendree.

Today’s newsletter introduces our new upholstery collection. Timeless and elegant, our Clandon range has been exclusively designed and hand crafted in England. 

You can view the full Clandon Collection here. 

Coming very soon to Rowen & Wren, The Hardware Collection…

It’s that wonderful time of year when everything is in full bloom in the garden. Last year we planted several Fennels that are currently bursting with feathery foliage as we eagerly await the arrival of their flowers. They are at their best between June to September making them a long-lived plant that provides both colour and structure to any garden. Not only a wonderful plant to admire, you can eat pretty much every part of the plant, all of which has a distinctive aniseed-like taste, much like Marmite, it’s an acquired taste that you’ll either love or hate. As with most plant-based foods, Fennel is widely beneficial not only as an ingredient but nutritionally as well, it’s a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and fibre, making it one of our favourite plants to grow and consume. 

If you’re looking for a little Fennel inspiration in the kitchen then we have just the thing. Martha Stewart has put together 25 fabulous fennel recipes, with everything from Braised Fennel with Pomegranate, to Fontina and Fennel Pizza, you can view the full selection here.

Enjoy impromptu suppers styled under the stars, at one with the elements. Our Harmen Outdoor Garden furniture is expertly crafted for comfort over homemade cocktails. Perfect for balmy evenings after you’ve cooled off under our Lyman Outdoor Shower Stake.You can view the full ‘Great Outdoors’ collection here.

Wishing every Dad, Daddy, Father and Pops a very happy Father’s Day. This photo was chosen with our very own R&W Dad in mind who’s rarely seen without a cup of coffee in hand – Happy Father’s Day Bampa! x