As French artist, Paul Cezanne said, “Art is a harmony parallel with nature”. We see some artists take the beauty of nature and transpose it into new mediums while others create directly from nature itself. Either way, the seasons are always profoundly influential and we find ourselves harbouring a deep appreciation for the way in which individual creators are able to convey the subtle changes in nature from season to season.

We frequently find ourselves irresistibly drawn to the distinctive rhythm of the summer season and this year we’ve been most taken with all things floral. Most recently, we stumbled upon the enchanting botanical artistry of Bex Partridge. Bex is known on Instagram as @botanical_tales and her beautifully curated feed feels warm, slow and inviting from the moment you arrive.

Bex combines her love of gardening and nature with her experience and creativity to bring us her unique and inspiring story of embarking on a slow and steady creative journey.

“Every season is one of becoming, but not always one of blooming. Be gracious with your ever-evolving self” — B.OAKMAN

As a floral artist, Bex follows the ebb and flow of the seasons and aspires to help people bring nature into their homes in a creative and achievable way. Her creativity, passion and honest, heartfelt captions have had us lost in a world of slowed down, botanical wonderment; dreaming of handmade wreaths and floral crowns.

One of the things we adore most about Bex is the way she encourages her community to spend more time outdoors, connecting with nature and settling into the rhythm of the seasons. We’ve dreamt about our own allotment many times. A little patch of nature to call our own. A place to feel at one with the land. And, when we read, “My favourite place to be in the world is in my greenhouse, garden or down the plot”, we knew we’d found someone who shares our values.

Bex effortlessly brings together the intricate details of nature with the simplicity of slow living and aids us into a place of calm and peaceful being. We also couldn’t agree with her more on this: “The meditative benefits of making daisy chains is definitely something that should be studied further!”.

With the days, months and years seemingly passing us by so fast, we are learning to take more time to appreciate the now and be mindful of the beautiful world in which we live. Bex’s work is encouraging us to get creative and appreciate we have. Nature is an endless artist’s palette, as well as a place of restoration and renewal.

Whether you’d like to learn more about botanical artistry or you’re simply looking for some slow, seasonal inspiration – Bex is the one to follow.