COVID-19 & our community

To those of you who missed our email update, we have decided to update our website so that you are always able to see and read our stance on the COVID-19 crisis as well as any updates that may be affecting our creative community.

As we write this, we have in mind every other small (and perhaps scared) business, every vulnerable soul and every positive person doing their bit to buoy others through these troubled waters we find ourselves in. It is the spirit of togetherness that shall help us to navigate through them, together.

Through the close relationships we are proud to have with our makers – those here in Britain and those overseas – and through the tireless commitment from our nearby warehouses, until 24th March 2020, we were very thankful to say that we had been able to upkeep the availability of most of our collection and our delivery promises. And indeed, we still are able to promptly deliver the majority of accessories, hardware, lighting and bathroom orders. This is because our main warehouse is one that caters to multiple clients, including those producing essential items during these times of trouble. With the government’s safety measures in place, they are still able to dispatch to the Rowen & Wren community.

Needless to say, every morsel of safety guidance has, and always will be, stringently followed by our team. This has lead to a sad but safe decision to close the doors to our second warehouse – where we house large items of furniture – until it is able to begin operating again in the coming weeks. There are, however, some items of furniture that we house with our primary warehouse, and so there will be instances where your furniture can still make its way to you without a wait. 

We have been overjoyed to see how many of you are placing orders over recent days – choosing to do so over the telephone so that there is company to be found in self-isolation. Knowing that our pieces can provide you with a small token of comfort and a simple sort of pleasure as we all retreat to our homes is a tonic.

So please know that our phone lines, our inbox, our social media accounts and yes, even our postbox (because it’s nice to write), remain there for you. Should you wish to continue placing furniture orders with us, please do so, and we shall keep them safe and sound until we are able to dispatch them – which we hope will be in not too long. Consider this yet another something to look forward to when our world is turned the right way around once more. Any accessories, lighting, hardware or bathroom pieces shall be dispatched to you with no delay, and where we have the occasional piece of furniture living in our other warehouse, we shall be able to dispatch that too. Consider this something to look forward to in the here and in the now.

Keeping each other afloat we must, and lean upon one another we shall.

This maxim has lead us to also make the decision that throughout these troublesome times, we shall gift 10% of our weekly proceeds to The Trussell Trust – a charity doing all that it can to ensure Britain’s food banks remain stocked and able to support those in need.

Any further updates may be found here and on our social media accounts and any queries about delivery that you may have are invited with open arms.

Otherwise we shall, as best as we are able, continue onwards and upwards.

With love,

The Rowen & Wren team