O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches?

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment warbled out in the traditional German folk tune-turned-Christmas carol. That’s why this Yuletide, Rowen & Wren will be adorning our lovely boughs with only the most delicate and discreet of decorations. 

Our recycled glass baubles, in all their translucent fragility and shimmering magic, are an exquisite and subtle adornment for Mother Nature’s handiwork. Dotted on branches against white lights – the only other decoration that will make the cut on our trees this Christmas – they twinkle enchantingly, imbuing the whole Christmas scene with a dreamlike quality. Better yet, at a time of year when so much gets cast aside and thrown away, these baubles give a new lease of life to previously used glass, making them not only beautiful, but beautifully virtuous.

Recycled baubles: the ethical way to make your treetop glisten this Christmas.