Decorating The Tree

As December calls out across the land, jump to our stations we do, ready and willing to deck the halls and most imperatively, the tree in all its annual glory. Might yours be ceiling-scrapingly tall, bushy and bright or the more modest variety, the spindly and sparse sort, that sits atop a table when space is in short supply? Whichever might be your truth, the time has arrived to loop from its evergreen branches a host of decorations. Though to what design? What vision in mind? What colour scheme? What story to spin through the twigs? Here we share three suggestions of tree-decorating tales to tell…

All is calm, all is bright

How so many of us gather Christmas tree decorations as the years tick by, inheriting them from our own childhoods and complementing these with newer additions that catch our twinkling eyes with each Yuletide passed. Be this as it may, there is something to be said for a more curated Christmas – one where the tree is deliberately decorated in just one sort, or two at most, of hanging delight. Imagine a festive fir filled with our hand-blown glass baubles alone. Amidst the needles there would be the amber teardrop form as well as the uncomplicatedly clear glass ball that relate to one another sympathetically but yet are distinct also. The fairy lights pass through their translucent nature, generously reflecting its twinkles, and the tree takes on a character that is indisputably calm and enchantingly aglow. 

Nurturing nature

Into our festive collection this year, we welcome two new Christmas tree decorations that have nature so closely at heart. The prospect of placing pieces so intrinsically linked to what the soil gifts us onto what is surely the emblem of forests great and small, filled us with positivity and a sense of peace, evidenced evermore so when we put such a prospect into practice. Glass bud vases with fine wire looped through their slender necks so that they may be left to bob from the branch with a seasonal sprig stashed inside – a hellebore (or winter rose as they are also known) in crimson or indeed snow white, an early-rising snowdrop, or a dried seed head or something similar shall fit nicely is one sure place to start. Then, onto a decoration handmade from what grows from the ground and what grows from the ground alone – willow that is woven into stars or Christmas tree silhouettes to then be hung from a tawny loop of twine. For nature and noel go fittingly hand in hand, so let your tree proclaim so proudly. 

A merry-indeed medley 

We end as we began, reconvening at the conversation of heritage decorations that shall be simply thrilled to play their part in the festivities alongside newly-found companions. The colourful and the kitsch character decorations that you imagined coming to life after bedtime when you were hip-height need not be banished, for they may act as a contrasting foil to newer, simpler decorations. Red-and-white canes of candy and our willow decorations are a surprising complement to one another as are shimmering, bejewelled stars hung but inches from our ever-so simple glass icicles. Felted fellows that speak of Scandinavian Christmases will feel no less jolly should you introduce them to a brass garland such as ours that is antiqued and most understand, nor will a tree-topping toilet roll angel ‘crafted’ by a wee one lose even an inch of its stardom, even with a star-shaped tree stand at its feet…

For such pieces with which you may decorate the tree, peruse our full festive collection here.