Happy birthday to us

On 19th May, we celebrate the turning of another anniversary year for Rowen & Wren. As of tomorrow, we stand one year older and one year wiser than the last, toasting most richly to nine splendid years of gathering close those pieces that comprise our slowly-grown collection of homeware and furniture. But not only this. For these past nine years represent too the gentle expansion of our creative community – our makers, our followers, our readers – and of our own team.

With this in mind, one of the ways we have decided to mark our ninth birthday, is by asking nine members of the Rowen & Wren team to share the piece with which they have the greatest affinity so we may reflect on the products and the people that have brought us to where we stand today. To celebrate the occasion with us, do look out for our newsletter arriving tomorrow (you may sign up at the foot of our homepage) or for tomorrow’s Instagram story (follow along just here).

Paisley Bud Vases – the choice of Molly

“These three tiny vases joined our collection in autumn last year and I bought a set home almost straight away. I’d been hunting for the perfect piece to display my little sprigs of Gypsophila on my bookshelf, but nothing seemed quite delicate enough to sit back and let the dainty buds be the main talking point. With Paisley though, the vase melts into the background. It’s like they understand they need to keep quiet.”

Bilton Toilet Roll Holder – the choice of Alex

“There’s a simplicity and balance to the shapes and proportions of this product that I’ve always enjoyed. Although on the surface it seems like such a simple, functional piece, the visible signs of the hand-making process speak of a human-first complexity in the manufacture which is rather endearing. The Bilton collection is also named after my surname, so perhaps I’m a little biased!”

Honey Yellow Linen Napkins – the choice of Issy

“This is my current favourite colour; it reminds me of everything to do with spring and summer which we all really need right now. The napkins themselves are a lovely addition at mealtimes whether next to your bowl of breakfast cereal or enjoyed al fresco in the warm summer evenings. I’ve always had a big soft spot for our linen napkins but this newest colour for Spring/Summer 2020’s collection has to be the one I’ve loved most of all.”

Bodin Craft Beer Glasses – the choice of Lewie

“This one’s actually quite an easy pick for me. I love enjoying my evening pour in these glasses. They remind me of the ones my Dad had his in when I was a boy. It means I get to appreciate them in a multi-layered kind of way whenever I drink from them, thinking back to childhood memories with him and to me now supping from them with one own little boy next to me.”

Harmen Outdoor Chair and Stool – the choice of Sheila

“How I delight in setting myself up in a little nook with this garden chair and stool meets side table, ready for that first morning coffee on a warm summer’s day. Even when it’s too chilly to step aside, I get immense pleasure looking out onto the garden to see it there waiting for me the moment that the weather turns fair. They have a very special something to them, which I’ve never been able to quite put my finger on. They feel different and distinct and yet so very familiar too, and have been a friend to me and my garden for many years now.”

Handwoven Kapok Mattress – the choice of Lucy

“At first, I was tempted to pick one of our earliest pieces, but then I thought to the item that’s become the most used Rowen & Wren accessory in our cottage, and that has to be our new Kapok mattresses. Thrown on the kitchen floor, me and my daughter start every day on it (we actually have both the pink- and blue-hued ones to use interchangeably), sharing a cup of tea, a digestive biscuit (yes, biscuits for breakfast) and her latest favourite read (at present, that’s The Go Away Bird). We take it into the garden when the weather is kind for pretend tea parties on the patio, we use it as a softening base to the bench seating in our kitchen, and when we’re allowed to the beach again, we’ll no doubt roll it up and take it with us there too.”

Woven Jute Rug – the choice of Zoe

“Like Lucy, I was tempted to pick one of my longer term loves like the Lyle Water Glass Set, but then I thought no, let’s say the newest addition to my home – the Woven Jute Rug. I very much needed a piece to soften our hardwood flooring in the snug, but didn’t want anything too colourful or too shouty in pattern. The soft, circular shape makes the room feel even more easygoing, as does the natural tone and texture. It’s just so relaxed and welcoming and has become a new favourite napping spot for our elderly dog, Jensen!”

Aubrey Oak Shelf – the choice of Sarah

“I had to stop myself from getting one of these for every room (I still haven’t entirely ruled this out, if truth be told). At present, I have still restricted myself to just the one, in my tiny study, with nothing but a very simple candle holder and tall, tapered beeswax candle for company. It’s the piece that everybody comments on when they come to stay for the weekend. For me, it sums up everything that Rowen & Wren is about – simple pleasures, quiet beauty, natural materials that aren’t tampered with, and authenticity in design.”

Bromley Wingback Chair in Clover – the choice of Graeme

“This has always been a favourite shape of mine since we brought it into the collection back in 2012. Our one at home is in the room where we do laundry to make it less of a mundane space, so I don’t feel as fed up when I’m in there! This spring, the team decided to present it in our Clover velvet fabric which I really find appealing, because it lets you bring colour into a room in a very discreet way. Because I feel I’ve known and loved Bromley for so many years, this acts as the perfect update on a classic Rowen & Wren piece.”


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