As we ease into the Autumn festivities, we start to ponder over our fondest cookbooks. Nothing beats a comforting home-cooked meal, especially as the summer sun starts to suppress behind the gloomy, chillsome clouds. Cumbersome recipes become a fundamental staple of this season and play an integral part when curating a fool proof dish for all of the family. 

Recently we discovered Tanya Balyanitsa’s inspiring blog, Honey Tanie – a food photographer and stylist, who shares her beautifully curated food portraits, along with a plethora of vegetable based recipes for every season. It’s clear that Tanya reminisces moments from her childhood; flicking through the pictures of her mums beloved black and white cookbooks, which is reflected in such recipes as that featured top left – Roasted parsnips and halloumi salad with sweet lemon dressing… a fresh, wholesome meal that won’t disappoint your dinner guests. Her cherished Canon brings the dish to life, saturating the vibrant characteristics of the vegetables as the light hits the precisely positioned dish. 

If your left wanting more, we assure Honey Tanie’s website and instagram (@honeytanie) will keep you feeling suitably Autumnal with a selection of charming seasonal dishes; packed full of lots of nourishing ingredients to kick-start the chilly season.