Hook and Rail

Are you about to set upon springtime ridding and reorganisation rituals? Is a closet calling out to be decluttered, or perhaps a utility room wishing for storage that is easily and always in reach? Enter then, ever so calmly and ever so quietly, two companions that will aid you in achieving both. 

Unsung heroes, the hook and rail duo will affix to hallway walls to hold onto keys, a dog lead, and hats bobble-topped or wide-rimmed – depending on the season. Similarly, the wall space above the kitchen sink or stove is ripe for a rail with utensils, bundles of fresh herbs, pots, pans and wooden-handled scrubbing brushes dangling from S-shaped hooks. 

In tandem do they come, both hook and rail thrive independently too. A hook is not simply for the backs of doors for towels, coats and robes, but an entity from which mirrors can be hung or even the dust pan and brush. Similarly, rails ask not always for a wall, but may be fitted to the end of a run of cabinetry for tea cloths to rest, idly but gladly.

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