As summer falls into autumn – it’s time to behold nature’s palette as the leaves are at the peak of their splendour. From the rich golden hues collected in harvest and the molten blaze from the sun, we’re surrounded by deep yellows and browns, made more poignant as the leaves begin to tumble down and the bare branches start to quiver in the wind.

Here at Rowen & Wren we certainly don’t squander the beauty of autumn. Instead we embrace the cozy autumn days, as we frolic in the leaves and tender to the seasonal blooms in the garden using our Sneeboer Garden Tools and our charming Dudley Hoop Support; to prepare the wilderness for the winter. As the air begins to crisp under the dusk evening sky, you can wind down on our striking Harmen Chairs, as you start to reminisce on the last of the summer wine – take in the beauty of the season – with your tipple of choice in hand.