We often find ourselves through ways of expression; from the wise words of Henry Ward Beecher, “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”.

Of late we’ve thoroughly enjoyed meandering through @irenedkw’s beautifully textured paintings. The Copenhagen based artist, Irene de Klerk Wolters, creates her bespoke pieces with labour and love, in the belief that her paintings can change a rooms atmosphere without dominating the interior. We find her creations incredibly calming, which is expressed through her simplistic use of layering; layers that are only enhanced by her beautifully considered colour palette; consisting of warm pinks, teamed with cooling neutrals and a hint of glimmer from the metallic tones. The perfect palette for the upcoming spring season. We can’t help but favour Irene’s top left image, which captures her work in all it’s natural beauty – capturing warming tones that uplift us during the bleak, chillsome days that the winter brings. 

Whether you want to peruse Irene’s current paintings for colour inspiration, want to explore the picturesque city of Copenhagen, or you’re simply looking for a new year hobby – Irene’s curated content won’t disappoint.