Welcome the New Year with our newest arrival – the Haddon Recycled Glass Pendant. 
Lighting can make or break a dinner – get it right and you create a welcoming and warm atmosphere that flatters your guests, who relax under its sympathetic soft glow; get it wrong and you can set everyone on edge and impair the sense of welcoming warmth. The Haddon Glass Pendant is winningly versatile; just as its slender dimensions and clear glass finish can beautifully illuminate a hallway, in a cluster, there can be few lamps as simultaneously dramatic and becoming as these when placed over our Ellery Round Dining Table – the centre stage for familial gatherings; breaking bread together, and for chinking a celebratory glass at every triumph and piece of happy news. 
After an intimate repast, or a feast for plenty of friends, you can cosy up in our hand crafted Finley Velvet Armchair in Clover, which will cradle you in comfort as you sit down to your favourite read or ponder over the exciting year to come.