Notions & Tokens of Gratitude

Valentine’s Day may traditionally be a day when we shower our romantic others in gifts, but now that we are separated from many of our nearest and dearest, it serves as a worthy invitation to send tokens of our love to all those who matter to us most. Writer, photographer and slow living advocate, Emma Lavelle shares her edit of gratitude tokens that she is considering gifting when 14th February rolls around.

Candles and Handmade Stoneware holder

My best friend, the one who is more like a sister, lives on the opposite end of the country and I’ve only seen her once in the past year. I wish I could be by her side during these dark days, but by gifting her a set of candles with this beautifully crafted stoneware holder, I hope to add a little light to her February. Candles are often one of my go-to gift ideas, as I love how much joy a flickering flame can add to a gloomy evening.

Leather Strap Linen Apron

During spring you’re likely to find my boyfriend outside, tending to our garden and planting vegetables. He doesn’t own any ‘gardening clothes’, so I’d love to treat him to this linen apron and a stash of seeds that he can tuck inside the large, practical pockets. He works as a woodturner, so this is a multi-functional piece that he could also wear in his workshop. Of course, this is a slightly selfish gift as I get to reap the rewards of his toils later in the year when we harvest our bounty of salad and vegetables. I hope that he doesn’t read this or the surprise shall be spoiled!

Handcrafted Stem Vase

I always like to gift my mum a vase that she can use to display cut flowers from her garden. I wasn’t able to visit last year, but her well-kept beds are always a riot of colour. This handcrafted vase would look beautiful now with a few dried seed heads or a bunch of snowdrops popped inside, or with a selection of vibrant sweetpeas later in the year.

Nefyn Woollen Blanket 

Is it overly indulgent to choose a gift for my dog? After all, she is one of my closest companions and her company has been even more appreciated over the past year. She needs her own blanket, that we can wrap her up in after a long walk and for her to curl up on during car journeys. Luckily, she doesn’t like getting muddy so I can treat her to this beautiful woollen blanket without worrying about dirty paw prints.

Hansa Terracotta Pinch Pots 

I haven’t been able to spend as much time as usual with my closest friends over the past year, so I will be sending them a small gift to show that I am thinking of them in honour of Galentine’s Day. One of these simple terracotta pinch pots is ideal to place inside a small parcel alongside a handmade card. I love the versatility of these pots – they could either use them for herbs and spices, or to pop a tealight inside.

Freshly Picked and Dried Flowers 

With the current lockdown evoking a rather dismal mood to the beginning of spring, I will also be giving myself a small gift this Valentine’s Day in an attempt to usher the new season into my home a little earlier than usual. I’ll be treating myself to an everlasting bouquet from one of my favourite florists, Milli Proust or Rowen & Wren’s beautiful bunch of dried flowers and grasses. It’s a little early for my favourite fresh blooms so a colourful bunch of dried flowers and grasses is the perfect way to brighten up my kitchen table.