There was a time when ale drinking was reserved for dingy pubs or for die-hard wine refusers at dinner parties. But beer – now with the requisite prefix “craft” – has come a long way since the days its devotees would be forced to arrive clutching unappetising four-pack tins of the stuff. Such is the sheer array of cask- and keg-brewed beauties in their varying hues of gold, all packaged up in glass bottles complete with modish labels, that the grain is giving the grape a run for its money even on the highest class of tasting menus.

In recognition of the explosion in the craft beer tradition, we’ve created our first recycled glass beer tumblers, which present the perfect Christmas gift for those crafty gourmands and beer aficionados amongst your kin. Its elegant nipped-in waist makes it both ergonomic and elegant – and quite the addition to a festive table. So much so, in fact, that disciples of the grain might even consider swapping wine-pairing for beer-matching with their Christmas lunch this year.

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