Easter is a time of renewal, a beacon of hope after sometimes seemingly endless winter that happens to chime, too, with nature’s own renaissance. And since spring’s flowers have begun to peer sunnily out of the soil, it seems apposite to marry the two. When it comes to setting the table for a familial Easter lunch, a relaxed and informal aesthetic – here courtesy of our natural linen table cloths in pink plaster or a fine black stripe – sets off natural decorative flourishes from the garden. For a charming handmade embellishment to your tableau, dot around woven baskets containing eggs adorned delicately with pressed flowers of the season. Total eschewal of foil-covered chocolate eggs may, however, not be met with universal approval by some of the smaller members of the family; for the avoidance of outrage, our mini baskets serendipitously double up as the ideal repository for Easter egg hunts in the garden(duringwhich time, they can also gather a harvest of yet more spring flowers – win win).