As spring steadily meanders into summer, we are gently reminded of the simple pleasures the warmer season brings. The botanical freshness that fills the air lures us out into the garden to witness the early morning sun, and we can almost feel the house taking a deep breath as a gentle summer breeze flows through an open window. Time leisurely passes by as we take joy in tending our gardens, while away candle lit, al fresco evenings and escape to the seaside for relaxing long weekends surrounded by nature.

With the change in season we also feel ourselves adapting to a slower pace of life. We find ourselves sinking into a restful rhythm and taking time to appreciate nature’s idiosyncrasies. And with a slower pace of life comes a slightly more minimal sense of style—we’re drawn to natural, earthy tones and ‘less is more’ design, from bathroom basics to outdoor lighting.

In celebration of our love for simple, summer living we wanted to share with you the beautifully calming work of Tessa and Sanne Hop—we’ve always admired the way the pair turn the simplest, day to day activities into effortless scenes of happiness. The warm simplicity and calming tones that fill their feeds reflect well their passion for natural style and peaceful approach to family living.

Both inspiring women have a natural eye for interior design and engaging storytelling which is why we love their feeds so much. We feel connected to their work, their families and their lifestyle in a way that is rare through social media these days. They help us to appreciate the little things in life, to slow down our days and take mindful moments with our families, and to take pride in our unique and personal styles. 

While social media can have its unfavourable side, we believe that there is a positive side to sharing your favourite moments with others. Your Instagram feed is what you make it and we strongly believe in only filling your feed with inspiring individuals that lift you up and motivate you to live the life you want to live. And whether you’re on the lookout for nature-inspired home ideas or you’re simply looking for a summer style inspiration, we highly recommend visiting the feeds of @sannehop and @tessahop.