It’s that time of year when most things in the garden start to die back which makes any late flowering plants all the more rewarding. As gardening novices we have worked hard over the past couple of years to get the garden blooming from late spring through to late summer, however we have very much neglected the months between October and March, that is until now. In an attempt to get a garden in bloom all year round, recently we have been investing in winter blooms to enjoy both outdoors and indoors in the obligatory kitchen table jug. 

Top of our list for winter blooms is the hardy little Hellebore (sometimes known as the Christmas or Lenten rose). Hellebores are a perennial plant with elegant flowers most commonly found in self coloured greens or beautiful shades of pink and plum. They are perfect for brightening up shady areas of the garden throughout winter and through to early spring when many other perennials lie dormant. We have recently invested in several smaller Hellebore examples which we will enjoy potted throughout this winter until they are a little more established to be planted out next year. If like us you would like to introduce some of these wonderful winter plants to your garden, the RHS have put together some helpful seasonal tips for looking after them here.