Wreath-making with Rowen & Wren

Homespun, honest and handmade: these are our three commandments when it comes to Christmas at Rowen & Wren. We would then, consider it remiss to the point of Scrooge-like neglect to eschew our annual labour of love: the making of the requisite Christmas wreath.

First, we must lead you up the garden path, albeit briefly, for the hunter-gatherer element of our task. This is the part when we will be on the look out for those healthy yet unadorned loose boughs of evergreens that supply a fresh take on the often over-stuffed wreath (you could try intertwining some light feathers too).

Our Benni Brass Wreath ring comes as a set of two and is the perfect base for creating a romantic, fresh-from-Mother Nature festive garland; just weave your greenery and feathers in, and attach and secure them with gardener’s wire. Don’t worry about being immaculate; there’s little more enchanting than a door adorned with cascading tendrils of twisting ivy.

The dilemma? Whether to hang your masterwork on the front door or to bring the outside in and display it over the fireplace.

View our Christmas wreath video here.