There’s nothing more precious than a motherly bond with her young. Just recently we’ve discovered Thirteen Tree’s (@thirteentrees), who portrays a wonderful array of child friendly content by expressing her great lust to explore and craft with her daughter Rosie (Rosie is the adorable little person who features throughout Claire’s images). Some of our favourite visuals include their charmingly delicate bubble art and homemade woodland story counters; each perfectly naive and sentimental. We can’t help but admire Rosie’s interaction with the variety of mediums to assemble her subtly sweet masterpieces, shown in the bottom left (one of our fond favourites). Children are naturally full of curiosity and joy, which is certainly emphasised through Thirteen Tree’s ever-growing instagram feed; using the power of imagination to create an underlining note of happiness within her daughter. 

If you’d like to explore more of Thirteen Trees ever-growing content, you’ll be sure to be inspired by their wild-schooling adventures documented here.