We can assure you there is no better way to begin the new year than with a healthy dose of floral fancy. Of late we have thoroughly enjoyed meandering through the Instagram profile of the Sweden based Velobloom. Paulina and her husband Johan started the company to synthesize her passions for the garden, the cultivation of flowers and design. Rather refreshingly it is common to see Paulina utilising seasonal flowers such as Dahlia’s, Cosmos and Verbena, all types that could be stumbled upon in an English country garden. We adore her home grown, sustainable approach to floristry and how the relaxed, tousled essence of her bouquets extends to her photography and styling. All too regularly we find ourselves craving a wardrobe update and have been longing for some of the delightful garments that appear throughout her feed. Be sure to follow Paulina’s Instagram feed (paulina.velobloom) to stay up to date with her latest beautiful bouquets.