Photo of treetops and sky

As a brand that cares deeply for kindness and consideration, we pledge here to continuously better ourselves through our environmentally conscious actions.

We are daunted not by the magnitude of what is possible. Instead, our approach is one of making sure yet steady steps towards being far kinder to the planet, knowing that every progression is a sign of positive change.

On this page, we share with you our pledge for 2020. A small team we may be, but we believe this next step is one that shall result in a significant improvement to our carbon emissions and levels of waste.

Packaging must be our focus for the 12 months ahead. This involves a deep review of how all of our items are currently dispatched to your homes so that we are able to refine the steps and use only packaging that is necessary to protect your chosen pieces – for the last thing we wish is for them to arrive in pieces.

Not only a question of volume, but our packaging review encompasses also materials and provenance. We shall lead an audit to ensure our decision has considered the source, questioning which has the most ethical practices and which has the lowest carbon footprint so that we are choosing most wisely.

We pledge too to remove returns and order confirmation paperwork from our packaging, taking the returns process online. This is yet another step that will eradicate wasted paper while maintaining a straightforward returns process.

Making inroads we have been from the moment that 2020 announced its arrival, and do all that we might to support one another, our suppliers, our community and our planet we shall.