Welcome to the kitchen, the beating heart of the home where you will find some of our most cherished objects of use. Our collection of rustic kitchen accessories and classic kitchen furniture includes timber utensils and breadboards, beautifully forged fittings and handmade crockery. They are a joy, both to use and to admire from across the kitchen table.

The bustling hub of the home, the kitchen serves to greet family members, guests and pets alike. It can often get swept up in the chaos of everyday life, but we believe that it deserves to be treated with tenderness and care. A thoughtfully designed kitchen is the choice place to host restorative supper parties, or to kick back and relax with a warming cup of tea after a trying day.

Our kitchen furniture collection has been designed with simplicity in mind. Crafted from sturdy solid oak, our benches, stools and dining tables are built to last. We also have classic kitchen essentials with a rustic twist, including patterned ceramic plates and bowls, and stoneware mugs. As you peruse these delights, you will also find eclectic pieces that are perfect for adding contrasting character to your kitchen to give the illusion of collecting treasures over time.

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