Our Story

What we're made of

Rowen & Wren is the expression of our founders’ opposite but curiously complementary attitudes to design and life. While Lucy is stirred by the aesthetic, the creative, by details and a love of antiquity, Graeme supplies a contemporary and commercial counterbalance. Their united belief in building a slow design business that would exist to deliver modern classics was the founding block of what would, in 2011, become Rowen & Wren.

Comfort and Joy

Our founding philosophies are at the core of everything we make. We will always strive for sublime simplicity and sustainable craftsmanship; to create timeless future heirlooms; and to provide daily doses of much-needed comfort and joy. But above everything is consideration, kindness and consciousness in all we do, say and make.


"I’ve always had a thing for older pieces," says Lucy, one of life’s great collectors. “I like things that wear well, that feel nostalgic somehow, and that have something special about them that makes you want to keep them safe and pass them on."

As a team, we strive to achieve heritage character, reinventing the classics in a design language that speaks of the bucolic, the refined and the urban. The onus is on quality, weight, the handmade – and on relationships with our wider family of makers, who similarly strive to create pieces that will last beyond our lifetimes. We hope their stories will be passed down the generations yet to come.