Welcome to the Family

Set in a rural spot, just a short train ride from London is where we call home. You’ll find our small but mighty team tucked away in our barn conversion attic office overlooking a heath occupied by Belted Galloways and many a bunny rabbit – much-needed creative headspace is hardly in short supply. Close-knit and at times chaotic (we admit) best describes life at Rowen & Wren. We work hard, we aren’t afraid of a challenge, we care deeply (about one another as much as what we do), and we’re united in our excitement of building a kind, dependable brand.

If that sounds like something you might like to be a part of, then we’re all ears…

Put Yourself on our Radar

As a gradually growing team, we only open our doors when the time feels right. Though, we always love to hear from those who have a particular affinity with who we are and what we stand for. If that sounds like you, get in touch on Tell us a little bit about yourself, your ideal role, and how you think you could make a positive difference at Rowen & Wren. We’ll be sure to let you know if and when we might have room at the inn.


Lucy, Creative Director

What Head of Brand & Creative, Sarah has to say about Lucy... “Never have I ever known someone as warm and kind-hearted as Lucy, our co-founder and creative director. It sounds incredibly cheesy to say so but I also refer to her as the soul of Rowen & Wren. That’s truly what she is. We’re a genuine, creative, empathetic, comforting brand because that’s what Lucy instills and has done from day dot.”


Alex, Product Lead

What Operations Lead, Zoe has to say about Alex... "Alex, is an absolute delight. Yes, he refers to himself as being 'a bit of a square' – and we all have to agree! – but that’s what makes everything work so well because he's meticulous. Not just that, he’s so hardworking, enthusiastic and best of all, he’s a team player. Even when the chips are down and there are deadlines to meet, he always has a cheery smile on his face. He's a wonderful person to be around."


Graeme, Managing Director

What Producer Molly has to say about Graeme...  “Not just a pizza peel model but our co-founder and managing director, Graeme’s the one who steers the ship. Despite being the boss (and a very approachable one at that), he’s the one to always bring plenty of laughs to the office (when he’s not topping up his tan, that is). He’s a great motivator, dad-dancer and all round captain.”