Spring’s Palette – A Light Study

03 Mar 2020

Spring’s Palette – A Light Study

In curating our new collection for Spring/Summer 2020, our creative team was drawn to colours cast in sunlight. An earthy melange of hues that begin with spring’s tender illumination and develop later into those heady at the hand of summer’s beams. A promise of warmth-to-come is a trait each pigment in the palette bears and shares. Pigments to be found in fine linen cloth napkins, hues that emanate from plump pillows and tones in glassware that glints and gleams gaily – a family of colours that are of balanced blends and of radiant beauty. At once dappled, mellowed and honeyed, the light in spring opens its chorus with velveteen softness. Belongings touched and landscapes graced by it are doused in its dewy amber glow. It is a light so inherently bound to the time of year and nature’s re-awakening that spring is unmistakably seen before it is felt. It is here that we nurtured Honey Lemon alongside Stone Grey – the first colour an expression of such amber showers, the second signifying our earliest ventures outdoors to pebble-strewn beaches. You may appreciate the former in the rattan weave of the Polperro bench; the recycled glass tumblers, Arlo and Elif; and the flax fibres of our linen napkin sets. Stone Grey is evident in the very same napkins but too in woven, circular rugs

In placid pursuit of buds blossoming and frosts thawing comes summer’s first sigh. The first of many warm rushes in close company of a headier, deeper light that serves a considerate helping of the Mediterranean. Observe the parched tones of baked ground, the rise of terracotta and the fall of milkier springtime shades. A blanket of amber sunlight remains, but it has evolved from what was witnessed in the months prior. Once more, it is the light that takes us by the hand into seasons new. With terracotta our minds stayed and strayed into nearby olive groves, unearthing further nature-led hues of Olive and Plaster Pink – a colour that speaks of summertime dawn and mesmeric dusk. Soak up such colours in the company of washed linen cushion covers, table linens further still and indeed our Cotton mattress where pink-tinted Tea Rose is a finish option. Be it spring or be it summer, throughout the many days to come, explore the richness of nature’s sun-soaked palette by inviting honeyed hues into the home alongside those that marry well, such as olive and terracotta. The occasional contrast hurts not either, hence our side-step to deeper shades of blue and crisp seashell whites that cannot help but evoke imagery of white horse crested waves crashing in the beguiling deep blue. 

See the palette in its entirety throughout the new Spring/Summer 2020 collection here.

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