As a room of one’s own, the bedroom should always be a sanctuary; a bubble in which to sink comfortably and replenish after the day. Our classic meets contemporary bedroom furniture includes armchairs, chests and bedside tables – all designed with the idea of a nest-like haven in mind. These are the accoutrements for a place in the world that is uncompromisingly yours.

No matter the season or your mood, everybody requires a place to nourish the soul with valuable solitary time, away from the busy outside world. Whichever bedroom furnishings you have been searching for, our classic bedroom furniture collection appeals to the part-time recluse inside us all.

Each piece of bedroom furniture is crafted from natural materials, such as pure linen and beautifully carved solid oak. From smart storage solutions to additional seating options, all of these items are intended to enhance the way your bedroom works for you. Our signature neutral tones cultivate a calming aesthetic, which befits a room intended for rest, relaxation and, ultimately, sleep.

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