Furniture need not be restricted to interior spaces. In fact, as it spills out onto the patio decking or freshly cut lawn, it takes on a whole new lease of life. Much of our furniture is either versatile enough to be used outdoors or has been specifically crafted for your garden. Indeed, both our wooden and metal outdoor furniture has been designed to encourage time spent unwinding in the fresh air.

As you drift through this, our very own garden space, you will find furniture to suit both rustic and modern tastes. Each piece has been crafted from carefully chosen materials, such as sustainably sourced teak and galvanised iron, from an array of distinctive seating options to layered plant stands.

Approach our metal outdoor furniture too, and observe how it is suited to those who are looking for a most natural blend of old and new, for each piece will acquire a charmingly weathered appearance as it ages.

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